Can You Crack The Web Development Code?

Web Development Code:

So you have a never-ending urge to quit your job and venture boldly into a new career of web development. Congratulations on making this choice. Gone are the days of the prehistoric Geocities and Lycos websites. The online experience is getting more sophisticated as new code is created and new minds enter the industry. The world needs more web developers. Will you be one of them?

Front, back end or full stack? If you think this sounds like the seating options on a budget airline, you’d be wrong. These are the three main web development roles, and you will choose to specialize in one. The best way to consider which option is best for you is to grab hold of some coding books or mosey on down to a web development boot camp. Here, you will find out all you need to know about the life of a web developer, learn some of the basics and get a feel for whether you could see yourself doing the job day in, day out.

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Front end developing is all about creating the aesthetics of the website. The code that you would be using if you ventured down this path would be HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You’d use your growing mastery of this code to create stunning visuals and the way a user interacts with the website.

Should you find yourself exploring the back end development options, you’ll discover that this is more behind the scenes work. Whereas front end development is client side, back end development is all about the server and the database and the coding that allows the website to appear on a computer screen in the first place. PHP, Ruby, and Python codes tend to be the coding language of choice for back end developers.

But what happens when something goes wrong? Sometimes websites crash or become glitchy. This is generally down to a fault in the coding somewhere. A business could lose custom and revenue because the client experience is dire. Imagine trying to purchase a part for your car from a website. You desperately need it the next day, but whenever you attempt to enter your card details, an error message appears. You’re definitely entering the details correctly. How many times would you try before moving onto the next website that offers the same car part with next day delivery? Once? Twice?

Many web developers will record the glitches through log messages and then endeavor to fix them. Log message tracking allows a web developer to view a series of errors on one dashboard. This means that bugs are easier to spot and rectify allowing the user’s experience to be glitch free when navigating the website. The earlier that the bugs are fixed, the smoother any website will run.

And we still haven’t mentioned full stack developers. These are the jack of all trades who attempt to understand both front and back end development. They are the developers that master all coding languages and can turn their hand to client side or behind the scenes developing.

If you love learning, enjoy solving problems and relish a challenge then becoming a web developer could be just the career you are looking for.


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