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post: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch – Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch – Review

By  On Wednesday, 02, 2014 | Filed Under Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch

The Samsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5 inch, with 16 GB; is all the rage these days. What makes this Tablet so different from the others? For one, it offers an entirely different array of features and convenience at your fingertips. You can now watch videos and play games in greater HD than ever before. This tablet’s graphic is so advanced that it brings your content to life with its dazzling contrasting and its dark shadow feature. If it’s too bright for you or you’re not fully satisfied, then you can change the screening and brightness settings to your preference. No one would want their personal information being tampered with, which is exactly why this tablet offers all the security you need. You can now keep your videos, notes, pictures and other such media in your tablet witho...

BlackBerry Z3 Smartphone

While BlackBerry Z3 was initially designed for the Indonesian market, but BlackBerry Limited has now decided to launch their new smartphone Z3 in various other markets including the Middle East. BlackBerry announced that their new affordable smartphone will now be available in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in July and will be followed by Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait in the next few months. The new smartphone extends the BlackBerry 10 platform to the next generation of customers in the Middle East and will allow them to get better connectivity. The new Z3 will have stylish design on the outside along with 5 inch touch display for superior user experience. The smartphone also includes exceptional battery life and wide array of features like BlackBerry Hub that allow users ...

Four tips for fledgling online retailers

By  On Wednesday, 25, 2014 | Filed Under Tech Articles

Online shopping

It doesn't matter what field you're in, the benefits of e-commerce and online retailing are impossible to ignore. From the lower costs to the scale of the platform, going online makes sense in just about every respect. Running a business online though is quite different from running one which operates on the high street or in a retail park. Here, we take a look at a number of tips which can help you to take a step in the right direction with your online retail business. 1. Ensure high levels of security Security remains one of the biggest concerns among online shoppers, and not without good reason. The recent Heartbleed bug led to a huge number of passwords being compromised online, and your potential customers will be keen to know that you are a business they can trust. To put ...

User interfaces for your business

By  On Monday, 02, 2014 | Filed Under Tech Articles

The design of the user interface is very important for any mobile App. This determines just how easy it is going to be for the end user, and the easier that it is to use, the more likely they are to use it again. As with every aspect of mobile App design, the user interface technology is rapidly developing and changing and it is important to keep pace with industry trends. Connect with the client The user interface is how the App or site connects with the client, and as the saying goes, first impressions last! As technology for mobile Apps develops, Apps are becoming more cost effective to produce; but one area that should definitely be a target for investment is the user interface. Companies should be aware that not everybody using their App will have the same level of expertise. In ...

Top 5 Free Android Security Apps

By  On Friday, 18, 2014 | Filed Under Applications

AVG Mobilation Antivirus

In a world where Smart Phones have now become increasingly popular, it is imperative that their security should be given extra attention. Recently the OS security of Androids has been quite the hot topic, too. The fact that Smart phones have gotten so much attention has led to many new free apps being released into the market, which means that there is a major threat from malware or cybercriminals. Recent stats show, that from 2011 onwards many malware have been released targeting the android apps. So, here are 5 Android Security Apps that are free and at the moment are ranked on the top. 1)   Avast Mobile Security App The Avast Free Mobile Security app has anti theft, browsing protection and even anti malware features. The browsing protecting throws a warning at the users wh...

OLX logo

Do you want to sell and buy products on the internet with ease? Online classified sites like OLX has managed to gain lot of popularity in the Indian market and millions today make use of the services that provides. While the Indian consumers were not really keen on buying and selling through web technologies, but the popularity of has changed the scenario in the Indian market. Today, millions of users make use of OLX website and also OLX app download options to buy and sell their items in an easier way. Today, OLX has been able to be the leading online classifieds sites in India and they have done that gradually in past two years. For this, OLX has come up with various marketing and promotion campaigns that focus on how easier it is for the sellers and buyers to buy and...

Moto 360

Wearable computing is a fascinating technology, allowing you to retain all the information you require in the corner of your eye. Since the Project Glass was announced in 2012 by Google, it has been keenly followed by technology lovers around the globe. After Google’s recently announced Android Wear platform, Motorola has jumped on the bandwagon by introducing the Moto 360, which I believe will give an extremely tough time to Google Glass in the future. Here is a fleeting comparison between the two devices: Social Acceptance Before going into the technological details, I believe, Moto 360 have an edge over Google Glass in the present human society, as the world is not ready yet to accept people wearing computers on their faces. On the other hand, Moto360 is a customary wrist gad...

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