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post: Asset management: are you doing it right?


Asset management: are you doing it right?

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Asset management is used to determine the most cost-effective way of utilizing a specific asset throughout its useful life cycle. The process begins from the day management begins to consider purchasing a fixed asset, such as land, buildings and equipment; it looks at the projected cost effectiveness of the asset over its entire life, taking account of the expected improvement in efficiency it is likely to bring to the company, right through to how it will be disposed of and whether there will be any costs incurred in its disposal. One of the key objectives is to ensure the correct decisions are taken in order to minimize the cost of the asset throughout its useful life, thereby optimizing its value to the company. In terms of liquid assets, in order to minimize unnecessary press...

Best HCL Budget Tablet Models

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Since the invention of computer, the device has got smaller and smarter over the years. From desktops to laptops and now the tablet pc’s the computer technology has come a long way. Today, tablets have become one of the most popularly used mobile devices. Just like smartphones, you would see a large number of people using tablet for a variety of purposes. With a screen that is larger than the usual smart phone and with a compact size, tablets have proved to be an excellent device to carry out your daily tasks including sending/receiving e-mails, browsing internet on the go, staying updated with the latest news, playing games, listening music, watching videos and many more easy. Today, the tablet market in India is flooded with a variety of models offered by all the major global tec...

Save Maximum with Paytm Coupon Codes

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When you have a mobile phone, you will have to constantly keep a tab on the call and data charges. Today, there are a plethora of pre-paid and post-paid plans that you can choose from. If you have a pre-paid plan, you will have to make constant recharges to enjoy uninterrupted mobile services. To make these recharges or top-ups, you generally visit a merchant establishment and get the recharge done. Now-a-days, there are many online options that you can avail to make recharging easier and more convenient. Take for example Paytm, which is a third-party bill payment service. Paytm gives you a plethora of options when it comes to bill payments. You can also use Paytm Coupon Codes to get additional discounts on the bill payments. With online bill payments, you can relax and save a lot of...

IT revolution

The IT revolution has transformed the world of global finance and investment by facilitating faster flows of news, information, and data irrespective of geographical boundaries and limitations. An investor residing in Australia can buy equity shares in the US, invest in gilt bonds in the UK, buy units of East European ETFs, and track the currency market in Japan through just a smartphone or tablet. Internal use of technology by investment companies Investment companies have incorporated numerous technological solutions to increase efficiency, improve flow of information, and enhance security. The companies have relied on enterprise-level software and solutions to facilitate smooth flow of data and information, and for better internal and external network security. External us...

PDF Watermark Remover: Test and Analysis

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When we want to add some additional information to a document or make it confidential, we prefer to watermark it. The opacity of the watermark can be managed according to the wish of the document owner and of course the liability that is given to the reader/viewer. On one hand where watermarks help in protecting intellect or secrecy of PDF documents, it definitely causes inconvenience to many users as it interrupts smooth reading or viewing the contents. This is when the need of removing watermark arises! Although, there is Adobe Acrobat for helping to remove the watermark from PDF file but generally, it is not a preferred option for many users due to high cost investment. And to simplify the solution, third party tools for this job are looked out so that maximum benefits with...

iPod Touch

As far as advancements in technology are concerned, the invention of the iPod was pretty much one of the greatest progressions for decades. It meant that music lovers could wave good-bye to CD skipping when out for a jog with their “disc man”. The ability to listen to any one of thousands of songs on just one device – total bliss! The iPod has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The most recent addition, the Apple iPod Touch 5th generation, boasts a touch screen, 5MP camera, retina display, 32-64 GB of storage and a host of cool applications. However, technology is never without its minor flaws. iPod Touch owners should be aware that it is very possible for the performance of the device to eventually become sluggish. If this does happen, do not despair – there...

Dell Storage SC4020

Inefficient storage solutions can harm your business and therefore it is important that your business has the right storage solutions that meet your business requirements. Dell Storage SC4020 has recently won the title of the Most Valuable Product by ISMB and is based on the enterprise-class storage solution SC8000. Hence, businesses can take the right advantage of the features and ensure that they always have the right storage solutions that go hand in hand with their business needs and budget. The all new Dell Storage SC4020 provides all-flash or hybrid storage that support up to 10,000 MS-Exchange mailboxes in just 2U of rack space. In terms of performance, the all new Dell Storage SC4020 offers high performance for small and medium size businesses as it allows access to real ...

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