Alcorn State University Technology Program gets High-tech Robots from Nissan

Advanced Technologies program students at Alcorn State University are getting ready to welcome two new sternest in their class this year , And they are none other than a pair of high-tech robots. These robots come from Nissan’s Canton vehicle assembly plant. Alcorn is well known for its Advanced Technologies program and paving the way for the students, leading them to a brighter future. The students will make good educational use of these robots. The gesture marks the strong contribution of Nissan to help the engineers of tomorrow and remaining true to their commitment to education and serving the community.

Alcorn offers a degree program in robotics and automation technology, where the students learn how to program the robots. These courses prepare them well for careers in technology and manufacturing industries. The students get tremendous support and encouragement from the Canton management. These robots will be special for the students as well as the Alcorn program. Alcorn faculty traveled to Canton to get the robots that weigh about 815 pounds each and stand 5 feet tall. These robots were used by Nissan to arc weld auto bodies. The robots can be further programmed and equipped with other attachments to carry out other tasks too.

Nissan Donates Robots to Alcorn State University Technology Program

The students will install the robots at the Alcorn robotics lab. The students will get firsthand experience from these two robots and experience the new technology used in modern manufacturing facilities. The gift from Nissan will only strengthen its partnership with Alcorn. This will help Alcorn offer world-class curricula and the right training to prepare superior engineers.


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