Apple Introduces iOS 6 to Millions of Users

A few weeks ago Apple made an announcement that they will soon come up with new updates for iPhone, iPad and even for iPod Touch. The wait is finally over and Apple today previewed the iOS 6 that combines 200 new features that were not available in the earlier version. The company has made an announcement that they have released the beta version and iOS 6 will be available to all the users for their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The company said that the final version of the product will be available to all customers in fall this year. Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iOS Software at Apple said that they have been working to provide rapid development of the iOS and reinvent the Apple phone. The company is also working to create an iPad category and provide better mobile phone experience to the users. He said that Apple is really eager to know how users make use of the new features that they have incorporated in the new iOS 6 and how it can make their life better and easier in the future. Siri is now available for iPad as well and will support 15 different languages.

Top New Features

  • The new iOS 6 version will have Map app with Apple designed cartography that can provide turn by turn navigation to the users and amazing new Fly-Over technology as well that is integrated in the Maps.
  • Siri is already popular and now Apple will have the updated Siri that supports many different languages. Users can also have easy access to sports scores, recommendations for restaurants in the locality and various movie listings.
  • Facebook integration for Contacts and Calendar and the ability to post messages directly from the Notification Center.
  • Users can also share photo streams through iCloud and Passbook.


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