Artificial Intelligence making things easier for Bloggers

Video, I guess is the top ranking medium to communicate/advertise, as a viewer totally understands the message in a particular video. Publishers would now be creating videos out of their articles by following few simple steps and this can be done with the help of artificial intelligence.


Taiwan-based GliaCloud’s product, GliaStudio, has the ability to use artificial intelligence and create video summaries of text article. It would be so easy for bloggers to turn their simple article into video content within few minutes by incurring little cost. GilaCloud, the company was launched in 2015 is founded by, one of the 48 Google cloud developer experts, David Chen and Dominique Tu having more than 20 years of experience in business development.

The video creation includes analysis of data, use of images in the article and last but not the least a complete voiceover. The publisher may pay per use to the service provider or there is an option to share revenue that would be generated from a video. The free version is also being offered by the company to individual users with embedded advertising and yes, the company would share revenue earned with the users.


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