Benefits Of Using WordPress To Power Your Site

Why WordPress? It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself dozens of times if you’re in the market for a new site. And whether you run a company, eShop or want a simple blog, WordPress can offer you a range of satisfying features.

And that’s why WordPress is probably the best choice for you. It doesn’t just cater to the professional, or to the casual. It caters to everyone! So, here are several benefits of using WordPress to build and power your website.

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There’s a fully-fledged app for your phone

The WordPress app is available on every major platform, and it allows you to modify and tweak your site on the go. You can view usage statistics such as page views and referrals. You can view, reply and moderate user comments. And you can edit, publish and delete blog posts! All the major bits of functionality you need, you have, at your fingertips.

It’s incredibly simple to use

And that means if you aren’t that good with tech, you can tweak your site very simply. WordPress powers around 75 million websites, and there’s a reason for that. It’s easy to use!

And as an added bonus, it’s quite complex under the hood. WordPress sites can actually be quite powerful and can perform some impressive feats. A professional WordPress developer would be able to offer you help here though, if you’re struggling. Nobody said web design was easy!

The wide array of plugins

Not one single CMS would be able to stand on its own two legs without the aid of plugins. Plugins are third-party applets or widgets that extend the basic site functionality. Basically, plugins allow you to add extra features, that don’t come in the original package.

One of the most popular, and one of the best, is the Yoast SEO plugin. This shows you how easy your content is to read, and how well your images are formatted. It also lets you view keyword density and whether or not your keyword is unique. Your SEO game will be on point!

Multi-user features

With WordPress, you can give five people the power to edit your site. Or two people, or one person, or six people. It’s collaboration at its finest. You can even give people read-only access, and leave the editing up to one head honcho.

Plus, multiple users can be logged onto the site at the same time to make changes. One of you can be checking site statistics while another moderates comments while another edits a blog post. It’s incredibly versatile.

Automatic archiving

WordPress has an automatic archive, which means all your posts are automatically stored and sorted. This means that your users can easily search for articles you made three, four years ago.

Other website builders don’t come packing this feature as standard, and you’ll instead have to design it. With WordPress, the process becomes much simpler.


So – why WordPress? Well, that’s why. It’s the ability to create a powerful site with ease, complete with useful plugins, multi-user tools and ease of use. It’s a clear victory!


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