Writing the Best Cold Email for a Better Lead Generation for Your Business

Never gone are the days when sending a proper cold email can uplift many of your business aspects, bringing superb results to your surprise. Being the best is the only requirement here.

The latest era of highly advanced electro-digital technology and fastest ways of communication still has a considerable need of an effective cold email to upraise the various aspects like successful and influencing outreach strategies, sales promotion, etc. of both online and off line businesses. But the point is how to write the best cold email to gain so many benefits. We are here to guide you in this context. Let’s dive in.

The best cold email features the following essentials:

1) Must have supreme subject lines

The first ever contact between you and your would-be clients or customers is through the subject line of your cold email. This shows the super importance of the subject line wording. Whether or not the receiver will open the email depends upon how the subject line goes with his taste and demand. The more stimulating and intriguing the subject line is, the more promptly the receiver will response to it and vice versa.

An ideal subject line must have strategic wording arousing the curiosity of the reader then and there and making him feel himself impelled to open the cold email and go through it. Once he opens it, be sure half of your job is done. In short, the subject line of your cold email must be a killer one.

2) Must possess a slim email body

An ideal or best cold email is always to-the-point and as short as possible. Modern man has become too busy to read lengthy notes or emails. Therefore, it is highly advisory to keep your cold email slim and small but very clicking or striking. Generally speaking, the body of your cold email must comprise of three parts:

  • Introduction— define yourself precisely.
  • Purpose— just come to the point without beating about the bush.
  • Salutation— never forget to thank them for their time and focus. Also leave some contact number for their facility.

3) Must carry along a personalized touch

Addressing someone with his/her name instead of a general approach is always a pleasing, loving and welcoming gesture. The addressee feels elated and pays full heed to what is being told to him and this is the focus you need very crucially on the part of your future clients to boost your business up. So, instead of saying “Hey manager” your cold email must carry “Hey John”. This will definitely create a soft corner in John to proceed with you.

4) Must be sent at the best time and day

You definitely require to be attended by the receiver of your email and the very first thing he can do in this context is to open you email and read it attentively. This he can do only when your email falls in the best slot of his working hours. 10:00 a.m. has been worked out to be the best time for clicking or pressing the “send” option of your computer or laptop to send your email. This has been agreed upon by most of the data operating officers. Anything sent around 3 to 5 a.m. is likely to receive the least attention of your future customers. So, better avoid this time-slot and proceed with the 10 a.m. strategy.

Likewise, Tuesday and Thursday are considered suitable and responsive days if you are to contact the owners or executives through your email. They have been found more likely to respond on these days of the business week. The first day and the last one of the business week are considered the worst days in this perspective.

A cold email having the above features is sure to meet response from the receiver and then it will be up to you how to get the most benefits out of it.


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