The Best Instant Messaging Apps For Technophobes

Simple calls and texts are still very prevalent in day-to-day communication. However, instant messaging is the future of the way we contact our friends and family. You may be looking to save money on communication, or just taking your first steps into modern technology in general. Whatever the reason you’re interested in IM programs, you might be looking for a little guidance as to which one is best. This depends largely on your personal preferences, and what you’ll be using it for. Here are some of the most popular IM programs.

Odds are you’re already familiar with Google Hangouts. Like almost everything from Google, this is nice and simple. Hangouts is hugely popular and always being updated for better usability. It’s also a prime example of the way telecommunications have changed the world of business. Hangouts is excellent if you’re a business owner or manager responsible for remote workers. The fast, dependable communication in the app allows you to drop updates on employees with the touch of a button. When used in conjunction with Google Docs, you’ll be able to communicate with remote employees just as if they were in the same room. If you use an Android phone, you probably already have the mobile version of this handy program.


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If you want a straightforward IM program, then Skype is the one for you. This comes with a fundamental advantage compared to other apps. IMs are usually one little limb of a larger company, whereas Skype is an instant messenger, plain and simple. Because of this, they’re much faster to act on customer feedback. One of the other big selling points is the smooth convenience of their webcam chatting. We’ve all been there. Trying to have a video conversation via another app and only seeing clunky, pixelated lag. The only downside is the extra costs for certain features. You can buy cheaper Skype credit at SEA Gamer Mall.

Finally, we have the Facebook messenger app. If you’re still not on Facebook, then you’re an endangered species! The main benefit of this IM program is the sheer amount of people who use Facebook. You’ll be able to reach almost everyone you know. Sending messages to all your friends and family with one simple interface has obvious appeal. It also has a group chat feature, which allows you to invite several people into one chatroom. This makes the Facebook messenger especially popular for people wishing to use their IM for a club or social circle. It’s not the slickest program in the world, and is lacking in certain features other ones have. However, it’s certainly one of the most practical options.

There you have three of the biggest IM programs currently on the market. Whatever your specific needs, you’re likely to find them in one of these. If you try out my suggestions and none of them suit you, don’t worry! There’s countless other examples of IM software for you to try. Pretty soon, you’ll have the hang of your perfect program. Or at least your friends will stop pestering you!


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