Blackberry Launches Mobile Fusion for Enterprise Customers

The Blackberry Mobile Fusion was one of the highly anticipated systems that have been designed for enterprise customers and Research In Motion today made an announcement that they have finally launched the Blackberry Mobile Fusion. The Blackberry Mobile Fusion is the new RIM mobile device management system that is targeted towards enterprise customers that need better solutions for managing their smartphones and tablets. Sharing more information about the new mobile device management system RIM said that the entire system is based on Blackberry Enterprise Server and that will allow customers to share many different things on their Blackberry smartphones and tablets that have Blackberry OS. The system will also make it convenient for Blackberry users to connect with various other smartphones that have Android OS and iOS.

Alan Panezic, VP for Enterprise Product Management and Marketing at RIM said that the new mobile fusion technology will allow Blackberry customers to share information on mixed platforms and across various devices that they need. He also said that this will be a secure and simple way to share things without worrying about security threats because RIM is ensuring that the server remains protected and provides better enterprise mobility space to all the customers that need to do more with their Blackberry mobile devices.


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