BlackBerry Services For Consumers From China Unicom

China Unicom has already announced BlackBerry internet services for customers in China. With the help of this, business consumers are enabled to access BlackBerry internet services now. The services of much renowned BlackBerry solutions can be accessed by the consumers of China Unicom. Checking mails, browsing through internet and visiting social networking sites are made very easy with the help of this facility.

With the advent of this service from China Unicom, consumers can easily stay in touch with both important people and work in their lives. They can stay connected to internet throughout the day with the help of their Smartphones.

The BlackBerry internet services accessible through the BlackBerry Smartphones enable users to have a direct access to their email accounts. With this service, messages and mails are included in the Smartphones automatically that prevents users from checking their email accounts from time to time when they are expecting some important mails. Integrated web browser is also made a part of the services offered here that provides an easy access to options like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), along with other social and messaging services.

Finally, China Unicom consumers are enabled to activate and use the BlackBerry internet services on different models of Smartphones.


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