Can Google Glass Maintain its Popularity after the Introduction of Moto 360?

Wearable computing is a fascinating technology, allowing you to retain all the information you require in the corner of your eye. Since the Project Glass was announced in 2012 by Google, it has been keenly followed by technology lovers around the globe. After Google’s recently announced Android Wear platform, Motorola has jumped on the bandwagon by introducing the Moto 360, which I believe will give an extremely tough time to Google Glass in the future. Here is a fleeting comparison between the two devices:

Social Acceptance

Before going into the technological details, I believe, Moto 360 have an edge over Google Glass in the present human society, as the world is not ready yet to accept people wearing computers on their faces. On the other hand, Moto360 is a customary wrist gadget. Using Google Glass in the comfort of your house is one thing and wearing it in your social life can be totally different. This can easily raise surveillance and privacy concerns, which most people are skeptical about.


Moto 360

Spending $1,500 on a wearable gadget seems fairly high, and I do not see a significant dip in Google Glass’ price in the coming months. Moto 360 is expected to be priced at somewhere around $500 – this is quite a massive difference. However, to experience the rare technology, I shall not be surprised seeing people spending extra bucks on Google Glass.

Battery Life

Most applications on Google Glass consume battery rapidly, as they involve the usage of wireless data, camera, display and heavy processor. By using the machine casually, the battery will worn-out in 7 to 8 hours. Making a video of about 25 minutes will deplete the battery completely; however, we need to bear in mind that this technology is not intended for long recordings.


Moto 360 is more of an accessory than a computer and men love wearing watches. Motorola’s device will let you change bands and the face of your watch instantly, allowing you to look different. On the other hand, you require extra motivation to wear Google Glass and if I am given an option, I would surely want to wear something on my wrist than on my face.


A few cases have been reported in the US where people wearing Google Glass were robbed. Now this is not something out of the blue – you are actually inviting the muggers by letting everyone know that you are wearing an expensive gadget. With Moto 360, you don’t have to be worried about security, as it looks a pretty traditional watch.


Technology experts believe that developing high-quality apps for wrist-wearable gadgets will be easier for developers.

It might just be a little too early to predict how consumers will respond to Moto 360 and Google Glass in different markets around the world, but I will keep you guys informed about how things shape up for both the devices in the time to come.


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