How does the Checkme Pro a medical tricorder check my heart and blood?

For a device the size of three fingers, the Checkme™ Pro doctor Vital Signs Monitor is amazing. You can read the functions; I won’t rehash them here.

The separate but included blood pressure cuff is convenient, comfortable, and simple to use. The device and system elements are accurate within expected limits in spot checks against Welch Allyn diagnostic instruments, and, after months of use, the Checkme Pro has proven reliable. All parts of the system are sturdy, appear well-made of appropriate materials, and have functioned flawlessly — cabled and wireless.

I bought the device for on-the-go self-monitoring during the novel coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic. I wanted to be able to measure, visualize, and store key vital signs: pulse rate; oximetry; rudimentary heart function (single lead ECG); external, non-contact (forehead IR) temperature; and, systolic blood pressure (algorithm estimate after calibration with bp cuff). I have not yet used the Holter monitor or overnight SpO2 monitors. The package supplies a few ECG electrodes; standard 3M electrode patches work as well. I don’t have a Windows computer, so I have not tested the PC software, but if it’s as good as the rest of the system, Windows users should be pleased.

The Checkme comes with a stretch neoprene glove that stays out of the way yet provides excellent case protection, a lanyard, and contains an internal, rechargeable battery good for at least a week of hard use before recharge with a hard-to-find USB cable.

The companion app for iPhone (and, I believe, Android) captures readings from the Checkme device via Bluetooth. The data transfer takes place on demand, and it takes only moments to move measurements from the monitor to your phone where they display beautifully, may be saved, and/ or sent via email to a healthcare provider or record storage.

The screen on the Checkme is sufficient for a quick ECG review, and an on-board algorithm will alert to (but not diagnose) irregularities. Of course, other data such as SpO2, temperature, etc. are listed in date/time stamped tables. Data remain on the device following transfer to the phone app and must be deleted manually. (This is a Good Thing.)
Finally, customer service at is first-rate … amazing. I requested a soft copy of a Checkme-related document. I received it via email in a couple of hours. I had a question about a Checkme cable. A customer service representative from Getwellue provided what I needed immediately.

My only concern is the proprietary nature of system components and cables, but dealing with Wellue customer service has convinced me that, should replacements be necessary and unavailable locally, Wellue is capable of supplying what I may need quickly and fairly.

All-in-all, a game-changer. If the pandemic gets worse, perhaps a life-saver. Well done!


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