Connected on the road: travel tech in the mobile age

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In those days, life was very different, travel in particular. Today, thanks to technology, the way the world travels – and does just about everything else – has changed dramatically.

In recent years, an abundance of innovative tech gadgets have made the traveling process easier to plan and organize for both business and recreational travelers. This is particularly true when considering the evolution of mobile technology and the growth of the Internet. Here’s a look at how technology has made the world smaller and travel a lot different than just a few decades ago.

Traveling is certainly different today

Until recently, an international calling card was needed to make phone calls to friends, loved ones, and colleagues when traveling abroad. Today, most mobile phone providers offer affordable international calling plans, though a phone isn’t even required to stay in touch with folks back home thanks to applications such as FaceTime and Skype that use an internet connection instead.


Thanks to technology, people can travel lighter than ever before. An individual may travel with his or her extensive summer reading list without the weight of all those books – digital books make the luggage a whole lot lighter. The same goes for music and movies – in fact, most tablets can support all sorts of entertainment; even games for the kids!

Key advantages of today’s technology

Today, more than ever, it is easier – and faster – to plan a business trip or vacation without the services of an expensive travel agent. The Internet offers a plethora of useful resources allowing travelers to easily research and plan a trip to just about any destination in the world. People can book flights, rental cars, hotels, and even visits to a number of attractions by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Because of all these new efficiencies, consumers are re-energized to travel the world. Staying connected with loved ones that are a world away is easy, inexpensive, and reliable, which makes many people more apt to travel when they otherwise would want to stay close to their office and loved ones.

New travel trends

In the past, extended vacations and long business trips often brought pangs of anxiety to those living on a budget. What if one was to run out of traveler’s checks midway through the trip? What if there were no banks from which to retrieve cash? The growth of technology has made worrying about money while traveling a thing of the past. Thanks to services like Trans-Fast, it has never been easier to send and receive money whilst on vacation or on a long business trip.

The widespread use of the Internet and the ability to stay connected no matter where one is located aren’t the only trends that have changed the way people travel. Social media has played a large part in the way individuals go about booking their accommodations. What if that fabulous-looking hotel is really the pits? Thanks to social media, consumers can read and share reviews and experience that help make a more informed decision.


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