Don’t Let Theft Steal Your Business Away

Business owners don’t want, or need, their employees to steal from them. It is an unpleasant and unnecessary thing to deal with. But, it is well known that business owners are subject to theft from their employees on a regular basis.

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Research Potential Employees

It may be worthwhile to do a background check and a drug test on all potential employees. Employees with past convictions may be more likely to steal, although that’s not always the case.

Use Two Employees At Once

Theft often happens when an employee is alone. Having two employees work together can limit this. Rotate the employees and try to avoid having close friends witness staff purchases for each other.

Use Technology To Watch

Employees are less likely to steal if they know that you are always watching. A good video surveillance system helps discourage employees, and it is also able to catch theft after it happens. Be sure to include cameras, such as SpyCentre | Wifi Cameras in sensitive areas such as storage rooms and loading areas as well as in the store. Use high-definition video so it is easier for you to be able to identify employees and transactions along with allowing integration with facial recognition software.

Another way to keep an eye on your employees is to use an exception-based reporting system. These systems will flag up potential fraud, such as excessive refunds or voids, and they can also show excessive refunds or voids when the store is supposedly closed. Review video daily and point of sale devices several times a week to determine if there are any issues that you need to look into further. Limit the access to your surveillance systems to as few people as possible to avoid tampering. Ensure that you have the main administration control.

Keep A Close Eye On Waste Management

Employees often steal by hiding the stolen item or products in the waste. Putting controls in place to help put a stop to the opportunities, such as using clear bags, and ensuring waste goes out at the same time every day – unless urgent. You can also write up paperwork which states that all boxes are to be flattened and locking rubbish bins is an essential part of the workday.

Get On With Your Employees

It can seem easier to steal from someone who you have no respect for or you don’t know very well, but it is much harder to steal from someone who you have a relationship with. You should take the time to connect with your employees and be aware if they are going through difficult times, such as financial difficulties or experiencing high levels of stress, which can increase the impulse to steal.

It is important to look after your assets in your business, whether they are big or small. Putting  security system in place can help to reduce acts of theft, and even if theft does happen you will be able to find the culprit or culprits easily with well placed cameras.


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