Elon Musk’s X Appoints New Safety Director For Safety Compliance

On Tuesday, X hired a new head of security to ensure the security of X users. The Elon Musk-led social media platform appointed Kylie McRoberts to oversee safety concerns such as hateful speech, contentious content, and conspiracies. The global safety team under her supervision will scrutinize the platform for potential threats and risks. As announced by CEO Linda Yaccarino in January, the safety hub is set to be built in Austin, Texas.

Formerly, Ella Irwin supervised the trust and safety team, who resigned after seven months. Since Musk has taken control, X has rolled back many security measures. The platform has reactivated the accounts of white supremacists and declined to take down pro-Nazi content.

As McRoberts has a good know-how of X’s security matters, her team will develop new tools, features, and products to ensure the protection of users. She has a sound background in security and cybersecurity roles, as she worked for Google, performing similar duties. So, global X users can expect her to ignite a safety revolution and reshape the perspective of security on “X.”

In recent news, Musk plans to change the name of “Trust & Safety Team” to “Safety Team.” According to him, any organization that has “trust” in its name is not trustworthy. He aims to earn trust, not just make it a label. The appointment of safety head by X seems like an era of protocol compliance and earning users’ trust through strict safety measures.

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