Follow the Top 5 Latest Technology Trends

Innovative technologies without doubt play an important role in our lives and change the way we live and think. None of us can deny the significant impact of the latest technology trends on our lives. The existing technologies mature and new emerging technologies enter changing the scenario around us all the time. Let us take a look at the top latest technology trends that are already making big waves.

Very Low-Energy Servers

One of the latest technology trends is to adopt low-energy servers. These innovative systems are being announced and marketed by all those in the server business. Built on low-power processors, these low energy servers use systems that are typically used in mobile devices. The potential advantage of these latest technology trends is to lower power consumption as compare to the current servers. The low-energy server model is most suited for delivery of static objects to a website and tasks such as map/reduce workloads.

Portable Game Consoles

Sony has finally been confirmed Portable game consoles, Playstation Vita. The enthusiasm for these new technology trends can already felt among the gamers. The demand for the most recent handheld consoles is sure to lead to shortage of supply but Sony is sure to cope with the growing requests for the product of the latest technology trends. This device is sensitive to motion and uses touch-based interface. WiFi hotspots and mobile phone network help the gamers to get connected. The game console is equipped with a camera both in front and behind. There is a touch pad on the back, touch screen in front and two joysticks. Go ahead and have fun with the product of the latest technology trends.

Ivy Bridge Processors With 3D Transistors

Another of the top latest technology trends are the Ivy Bridge processors employing 3d transistor technology. Touted as world’s first 22 nanometer product, Ivy Bridge processors boost processing power while lowering the energy consumption. The initial release will include 13 quad-core processors, targeting desktop computers. Later on dual core processors that will be suitable for thin laptops and ultrabooks will be announced alter on. Intel and PC manufacturers expect a new wave of sales after the release of these latest technology trends.

Personal Cloud

With the latest technology trends of cloud computing, a new era will begin that will offer the users complete flexibility with the devices they need for daily use including  smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices. This will enhance the strengths and potential of each device, thus enabling higher productivity and satisfaction for the customers. Emerging cloud technology trends and services will help the users to connect to the web of devices and help improving multiple aspects of their work as well as personal lives.

Internet of Things

IoT or Internet of Things is a new concept among the top latest technology trends. During the past couple of years, there has been a sharp increase in the number and types of things that can be connected to web. The latest technology trends  are being used for sensing, identifying and communicating with the help of embedded sensors, that can communicate and detect changes. Image recognition technology trends will help identify objects, places, people, buildings etc, thus adding values to consumers and enterprises.


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