Gadgets you never knew you needed: the top three

Most people can happily get along without any gadgets for years. If you’ve tried a new gizmo at a friend’s house, though, it’s surprising how quickly you’ll become a convert.


The ideal gadget will enhance a normal daily function and make life a little easier. For example, big fluffy towels have been used to dry wet bodies for decades but once you’ve experienced the joys of a bodydryer you’ll consign all of your bath towels to the pages of history.

Anyone suffering with aches and pains in their joints or limited mobility will be able to enjoy the experience of having their body dried by streams of warm air. This system is also invaluable to those with skin conditions or even those who just like a little extra pampering.

This whole system is easy to install in any bath or wet room and is ideal for those who find it difficult to engage in some of the contortions associated with towel drying.


The world of the geek often produces some of the most innovative gizmos and the introduction of Google Glasses most definitely comes from the realms of science-fiction.

These extraordinary spectacles can connect you to the internet, record videos and even act as an alternative Sat Nav. The glasses operate on a voice recognition basis but as of yet are not available on general release.

The kitchen

One indispensable kitchen gadget is the food processor. Ever since the product was launched back in the 1960s this perfect device has constantly evolved to meet the needs of the modern cook.

The offerings for 2013 are no less inventive but one major advantage is that the product has come down in price over the years. The most recent device can cut, chop and blend and even grind coffee beans.

The bodies of the latest range of processors are sturdy but this doesn’t mean that they are any less attractive. If you’ve been used to employing a hand mixer for your cakes or using sharp knives for your vegetables, an investment in a new food processor will prove to be a joy – not to mention a shrewd move.

These gadgets are also superb at mixing mayonnaise, no fear of curdling here, and once you’ve bought one of them you’ll never look back again!


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