Google, Apple, and Meta Face Hefty Fine Amidst the Major Investigation by the European Union

The three major tech giants Apple, Meta and Google are likely to draw the wrath of the EU as they are failing to comply with Digital Marketing Act DMA. Earlier today, as Thierry Breton held a press conference, he warned tech bigwigs of “heavy fines.” According to the European Commissioner of Internal Markets, many of the practices of these three companies lack effective compliance with the Digital Marketing Act. For instance, DMA demands the digital market be more competitive, fairer, and safer for users.

Calling these apps “so-called gatekeepers,” the commissaire stressed the importance of steering consumers free of charge. Moreover, he showed concerns over unfair fees and user privacy on meta apps like Facebook and Instagram. To keep in mind, Google faced the music of similar breaches in 2017 and paid a hefty price of 2.4 billion euros for it.

The commissioner also accused Apple and Alphabet of recurring fees. Likewise, he criticized Apple’s “choice screen” in lieu of security concerns.

As the EU launches probes to detect a lack of compliance with the rules of marketing act, these digital platforms may face stiff penalties of up to 10% for any violation. The fine is likely to be up to 20% for those who repeat the offense.

Thierry Breton told CNN how Apple and other tech titans have badly impacted DMA in just 10 days. And the statement has posed a question mark on these platforms’ compliance with the Marketing Act.

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