Securing Your Device: Measures to Protect Against iPhone Thieves

The complex but annoying process of gaining access to users’ iPhones and permanently locking up the device seems to be spreading.

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According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, some iPhone hackers use a security feature called a recovery key that makes it nearly impossible for owners to access their photos, messages, data and more. becomes Some victims also told the publication that their bank accounts were drained after hackers gained access to their financial apps.

However, it is important to note that this type of buy-in is difficult to achieve. To do this, a criminal would essentially see an iPhone user entering the device’s passcode — for example, looking over their shoulder at a bar or gaming session — or the device’s access to share the passcode. Will manipulate the owner. And all this before the device is physically stolen.

From there, a thief can use the passcode to change the device’s Apple ID, turn off “Find My iPhone” so your location can’t be tracked, and reset the recovery key. Is a hard 28-digit code designed to give owners security.

Apple requires this key to reset or recover an Apple ID to increase user security, but if a hacker changes it, the original owner won’t get a new code and will be locked out of the account.

“We sympathize with those who have had this experience and we take any attack on our customers, no matter how small, very seriously, “an Apple spokesperson told CNN in a statement.” “Every day, we work tirelessly to protect our customers’ accounts and data, and are constantly researching additional protections against emerging threats like these.”

On its website, Apple warns that “You are responsible for providing access to your trusted devices along with your recovery key. If you lose both items, your account may be permanently banned.

Jeff Pollard, vice president and senior analyst at Forrester Research, said the company should provide more customer support systems and “ways to authenticate Apple users so they can reset those settings.”

However, there are currently measures that consumers can take to protect themselves from this incident.

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