Online Exam Proctoring: Enhancing the Integrity of Assessment Methods

In today’s digital era, online education has become a booming industry, and teachers are increasingly utilizing online assessment tools to provide students with an efficient way of evaluating their understanding of subject material. One critical problem that arises with online assessments is finding a way to ensure the integrity of the evaluation. This problem has given birth to a new technological solution called online exam proctoring.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into online exam proctoring, how it works, and its benefits in enhancing the integrity of evaluation methods.

What is Online Exam Proctoring?

Online exam proctoring is a virtual system that captures and records the video and audio of exam takers to ensure that they are not engaging in academic misconduct during the exam.

Before the exam, the examinee must install the proctoring software, confirm their identity, and complete a system check. During the examination, the software records all activities on the computer screen and employs AI algorithms to detect any suspicious behaviour such as cheating via mobile phones, copying from another screen, or taking a break from the exam without permission.

Most proctoring systems have human proctors who monitor the exam session in real-time, review flagged behaviour, and determine whether it is due to academic misconduct.

How Does Online Exam Proctoring Work?

Online exam proctoring systems use various advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of the exam. They employ face recognition technology to capture and authenticate the identity of the exam taker and ensure that they did not switch places with another person.

Furthermore, these systems use eye tracking technology for gaze tracking and find the exam-taker’s examination screen-only area, and record their computer screen. These systems use keystroke analysis to monitor the examinee’s typing speed and detect copy-and-pasting activities in real time.

Additionally, some systems use a screen recording tool to certify the activity is taking place only on the examination screen.

Benefits of Online Exam Proctoring

There are several benefits of using online exam proctoring tools, and they are:

  1. Convenience: Online exam proctoring makes it possible for students to take exams from anywhere. This is particularly helpful for businesses and online educational institutions that cater to students globally.
  2. Cost-Effective: Online exam proctoring can save assessment providers time and money as they don’t have to install expensive equipment, manage exam centres, or hire invigilators to oversee the exam.
  3. Data Security: Online exam proctoring tools guarantee data security and prevent cheating. Many online proctoring tools use artificial intelligence to monitor, detect fraud and maintain data privacy.
  4. Time-Saving: Online exam proctoring can significantly reduce the time it takes to score an exam, especially in large-scale, high-stakes exams.
  5. Flexibility: Students can take exams at a time that suits them, and educators can provide them with immediate feedback.

Successful Use of Online Proctoring Solutions

Janison is one company that has paved the way for successful online assessments. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, they have been able to deliver exams seamlessly using their exam management and remote online proctoring solutions. This is a great example of successful use of assessment platform to deliver exams in a COVID world.

Their dedication to innovative technology and ensuring students receive the same level of academic evaluation is commendable. With Janison, students can take their exams from the comfort of their own homes, without any worries about safety or disruption. It is impressive to see how the company has adapted to these challenging times and has set the bar high for online assessments.

In Summary

Online exam proctoring provides a practical and effective solution to academic integrity concerns when evaluating students in various learning and development contexts. Although students may feel uncomfortable about having their behavior monitored, this system’s benefits are far more significant than any incongruity.

By seamlessly capturing student activity and behavior through advanced technologies like AI algorithms, keystroke analysis, and gaze tracking, online exam proctoring ensures fair and transparent assessment of students. Educational institutions and examination bodies have a new tool to ensure that they maintain integrity when examining students’ academic competency.


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