Privacy Policy

Online visitors today are really concerned about their privacy and therefore we understand that our visitors would require privacy as well. Hence, we provide them with better privacy policy that can help them to make use of our website to get all the latest tech updates without compromising the details that they have provided us. There are various things that you would need to understand about the way we handle privacy policy and therefore you can read the information below to ensure that you understand the privacy policies that we have for our online visitors.

There are various sites where you will need to register to get more information from the site but there is no such thing on because we believe that you don’t need any registration to know some of the top technology updates that are happening across the world. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead and make use of our website. Like many other online websites also makes use of log files and therefore you need to understand that log files do collect some amount of information without your knowledge. When you connect your computer with the server log files are exchanged. These log files contain IP addresses, type of browser, internet service provider information, date and time stamp, and various clicks that you have made to reach to the site. These log files also keep track of all the movements that you make on the site and provides your geographical location as well which can be used for better site performance. However, none of this information reveals your personal identity. Hence, you can always be sure that no one at knows about your personal identity.

On the other hand, also makes use of cookies that can help you to access the site quickly if you are visiting the site regularly. These cookie files are small informational files that store information like visitor preferences and stores specific information according to specific users. These files also store all the details about the browser that the visitors are using. No cookie file stores any information about your personal identity or information and therefore you are never at risk when you accept cookies on your computer from website.

We are connected with various advertising partners that help us to promote the site on the internet. Hence, they have their cookies on our site which they use to get connected to different visitors that visit our website. These cookies provide them with information about your site preferences and products that you prefer so that they can provide you with good advertisements. All these third party networks make use of the latest technology to extract information through the cookies they have installed on our server to send you information that they want to send  to you. However, that is something that is beyond the access or control of and therefore you will need to contact those third party vendors if you want to discontinue the services that they have offered you. We would also like to mention that the privacy policy of does not apply when you want to discontinue the third party vendor services as we have no control of the activities that they handle from their site. You can also go ahead and disable the cookies through your browser options but that will limit the way you experience the website and read technology updates that are available on the site.

We would like to clarify that does not reveal or share your information with any other third parties. The information you share with other third parties is shared only with your permission and acceptance of this privacy policy. If you are not sure you would like to accept this privacy policy then you can discontinue visiting the site or disable the cookies through your browser management options.