RemoteLink Services to be made Customary by GM for 2014 Vehicle Models

GM announces to make its innovative remote services such as door unlock, remote ignition and activation of horn and lights as customary through the OnStar RemoteLink Mobile Application for its future models.

Sources say that the recently announced RemoteLink Key Fob Services mobile app by GM is compatible with the OnStar-ready 2014 versions including Cadillac, GMC, Buick and Chevrolet. There are a total of thirty six 2014 manufactured models that fall under the compatibility list of GM-RemoteLink App.

Currently, this is the most extensive installation of remote services by means of a mobile application that is on offer by an auto manufacturing company. This appears to be one of the most promising services that the automobile industry has provided to its potential customers. If you are into the smart technology and have a passion for vehicles, GM RemoteLink compatible 2014 models would definitely give you an experience hard to forget.


The app covers a major portion of the vehicle maintenance monitoring process. It has been designed to inform you the status of fuel levels, oil life, tire air pressures and miles per gallon, enabling you to check your vehicle’s performance on your finger tips.

The range of RemoteLink extends to the points where owner of the vehicle either has access to a wireless network or the cellular connection. This extended authority can no doubt assist you in a number of situations keeping you from going all the way to your vehicle from your office to ensure if it is locked. Of all the other features, power to remote start the vehicle is among the most popular services as of yet. A one-touch emergency service is also on-hand through RemoteLink.

The OnStar RemoteLink app (App Store, Android Markeplace) is conveniently downloadable for free and works best with any of the supported GM vehicle models. Introduced in 2010, RemoteLink app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times till now.

Access to OnStar services is available in trial and paid versions. The full suite constitutes to services including stolen vehicle assistance, hands-free calling, vehicle maintenance monitoring, turn-by-turn navigation and 24/7 contact to a live Advisor.


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