Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch – Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5 inch, with 16 GB; is all the rage these days. What makes this Tablet so different from the others? For one, it offers an entirely different array of features and convenience at your fingertips. You can now watch videos and play games in greater HD than ever before. This tablet’s graphic is so advanced that it brings your content to life with its dazzling contrasting and its dark shadow feature. If it’s too bright for you or you’re not fully satisfied, then you can change the screening and brightness settings to your preference.

No one would want their personal information being tampered with, which is exactly why this tablet offers all the security you need. You can now keep your videos, notes, pictures and other such media in your tablet without having to worry about it getting lost or getting in the hands of the wrong person. You can now lock and unlock your tablet as you wish and keep all your files and data secure at just the flick and swipe of your fingertips.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch

You don’t want to keep this tablet all to yourself, which is why it offers an amazing multi-user mode experience. You can also create a personalized experience if you want, with a fingerprint scanner and identification system. If you’re worried about not having too much entertainment with this tablet, then fear not, for you know enjoy a variety of features in your own personalized way. Age doesn’t restrict the wide capabilities of this tablet. For kids, it has a special mode which lets you add playtime and app controls whilst still having parental controls on what your young one is up to.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet s10.5-inch is extremely thin, and a very interesting design makes you want to indulge all the more in the variety of features that this tablet has to offer. It’s perfect for carrying as you won’t have to worry about dropping it. As a result of its ultra-thin build and structural efficiency, you won’t get tired of using it for too long or get bored of it anytime soon. Not to mention that this tablet has no problem connecting with other Galaxy products, so that you can share videos, pictures, information and typically any other media despite how far you are.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch

This tablet features some of the best qualitative things you can imagine. It has built-in applications for browsing such as Chrome and for other purposes, Youtube and Picasa. It consists of extremely advanced navigating technology with GPS and Glonass tracking. It has a battery capacity of 7900 mAh and offers front sided and directional camera facing as well. With quality system and graphics hardware, this device has left some others way behind. It has super AMOLDED technology and a 288pi pixel density, which when compared is much better than most devices. The tablet is broad as your fingers move without having to worry about space and thin, to not make you weary of holding it. All in all, it is one of the best available in the market.


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