Samsung Unveils First Vacuum Cleaners in the US Market

Home appliances are really becoming popular all over the world as many home owners need better technologies that can make difference to their home environment. Samsung is leading the race and is becoming the fastest growing home appliance company in the United States. The company has now made an announcement that they have launched new canister vacuums which will be the first ever vacuums in the United States. Samsung said that people in the United States are very particular about cleaning and therefore they decided to launch canister vacuums in three colors, Champagne, Electric Blue and Black. Kevin Dexter, Senior Vice President of Home Appliance Sales and Marketing for Samsung Electronics America said that the launch of these canister vacuums is an example of how Samsung comes up with better technologies which are designed to provide better lifestyle and comfort to the users.

The design of the Samsung vacuum cleaners is easy to use and comfortable. The vacuum has ergonomic design and since it is light and compact homeowners can move it comfortably around the house and store it anywhere in compact spaces.

The new airflow design of the vacuum also cuts down the noise levels to ensure that consumers do not disturb other people in the house or in the neighborhood. The noise level of the vacuum is extremely low to ensure that consumers don’t have to hurry up while they are cleaning the room. The control handle has a better hand grip to provide better contours that fit human hands. The vacuum cleaner has the ability to catch 99.7% of the finest dust and dirt particles. These vacuum cleaners will be available in the US market in summer 2012 and will be priced at $299 and above.


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