Top 10 Shocking Video Game Facts that you Need to Know

Video Game Facts

Are you a game lover and sometimes think about the mind-blowing facts of video games? If yes, then stay tuned as the below mentioned Video game facts and curiosities will enchant you:

  1. “Candy Crush Saga” has more than 132 million monthly users and it makes $850,000 Per day. In other words, one-tenth of the 1.15 billion Facebook accounts are associated with the application. That’s why candy crush saga is the highest-grossing app in App Store.

    Video Game Facts about Candy Crush Saga
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  2. “GTA V” is the most expensive video game ever because it costs a heavy amount of $137 million to create and $128 million to showcase. The total cost of this game is almost $265 million. All things considered, the venture was more than justified, with the amusement making $1 billion in its initial three days alone.

    Video Game Facts about GTA V
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  3. “Pac-Man” was invented by designer Toru Iwatani while eating pizza.

    Pac-man invented while eating pizza Video Game Facts
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  4. The biggest collection in history in a single day for the sale of a video game was the sale of the “need for speed” getting 410 million dollars on its first day of departure.

    Interesting Facts about need for speed
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  5. The most popular gaming console “Sony PlayStation” was originally designed to be a Nintendo console built with Sony’s internal components. When Nintendo dismissed the idea, Sony decided to sell it anyway, but under his own name.

    Video Game Facts about Sony PlayStation
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  6. When Shigeru Miyamoto created the “character of Mario Bros” for the video game Donkey Kong, he was called “Jumpman” (“jumping man”) and on top of that, he replaced Popeye.

    video game Donkey Kong Facts
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  7. “Super Mario Bros”– was launched in 1983; it was so popular that in the year there was an explosion of babies called Mario. One of the great Video game facts it is, isn’t it?

    Super Mario Bros great Video game facts
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  8. Contrary to popular belief, “Sega” was originally an American company. His name was Service Games (Sega), and they were dedicated to the import and repair of recreational brought from Japan.

    Sega video games interesting facts
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  9. The creators of Fallout 3 asked Bill Clinton if he wanted to lend his voice to President John Eden, but he rejected it.

    Shocking Facts about Fallout 3
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  10. Today the worldwide video game market is estimated at more than 93 Billion Dollars.

“We hope after looking at these amazing Video game facts, you may have learned a lot!”

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