User interfaces for your business

The design of the user interface is very important for any mobile App. This determines just how easy it is going to be for the end user, and the easier that it is to use, the more likely they are to use it again. As with every aspect of mobile App design, the user interface technology is rapidly developing and changing and it is important to keep pace with industry trends.

Connect with the client

The user interface is how the App or site connects with the client, and as the saying goes, first impressions last! As technology for mobile Apps develops, Apps are becoming more cost effective to produce; but one area that should definitely be a target for investment is the user interface. Companies should be aware that not everybody using their App will have the same level of expertise. In reality, an App should be able to be used by a complete newbie to the App scene as well as those who have advanced degrees in IT.

The way in which each type of person uses the App should also be taken into consideration. Somebody who is new to smartphone usage will access and use the App much more slowly and they are more likely to make an error while using it. The App should be easy for them to follow and give them all the information that they need to use it effectively.

Planning of the user interface should also take into consideration where the key elements are going to be placed. Generally, they are placed either at the top or the bottom of the App. Placing them at the bottom is the most common option as many people will use their thumb to tap the screen or swipe it as needed. It is more difficult to reach the top of the screen with the thumb, so it is more user friendly to place the buttons at the bottom and to keep these to a minimum.

Key developments in UI/UX

The developments in this area of mobile App innovation are numerous. The growth of handheld devices has been astronomical over the last few years, with the vast majority of cell phone users opting for a smartphone. This in itself has forced the development of more and more mobile Apps as companies compete with each other. The growth of the mobile web has ensured that website owners and companies need to pay serious attention to the everyday user who will be opting for a handheld device on which to view their site.

Finally, touchscreen technology has changed everything in terms of the App. An App can now be accessed without the user having to spend time searching through menus. The icon is there on the screen and can be tapped or swiped for instant access.

These technologies are not alone in bringing about continual innovation and development for mobile Apps. It is expected that the user interface technology will evolve even more over the next few years. Companies such as Worry Free Labs make use of the latest technologies to develop their mobile Apps, ensuring that they are always cutting edge but user friendly.


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