Awesome Ways To Keep Your Smartphone More Secure

Whether you are concerned about hackers, snoopers or advertisers knowing too much about you, there are plenty of ways to make your smartphone more secure. And, given that so many of us use them these days, it’s probably a good thing. Today, we’re going to take a look at some impressive ways of keeping your smartphone safe. Have a read and let us know if we have missed anything.

Use a lock screen

Most modern smartphones give you the option of using a lock screen, and it’s advisable that you do. Although the technology behind them can be easily hacked by experts, the chances are that someone like this won’t find your phone should you use it. Think about what’s on your phone – lots of personal info, bank account information and access to many of your social media accounts. It’s all valuable and can be used against you in many different ways. So, use your lock screen! It’s your first line of defence.

Remote shields

If you do lose your phone, make sure you can get remote control of it. There are plenty of apps out there for all types of smartphone that will enable you to access your phone from your computer. You will be able to wipe all of the data, and may even get a trace of where it is. However, you should never use that info to go and confront somebody about it. It could be dangerous, and you would be wiser to call your local police force.

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Secure text messages

Text messages aren’t a very secure way of communicating, unfortunately. There are many stages when texts can be intercepted during the sending and receiving process. And, as current news events have proven, you never know who is reading your messages. However, by using a secure texting app, all of your messages will be encrypted right up until they reach your destination. It’s a great way for businesses or organizations who send sensitive data via text, or, indeed, anyone who dislikes the idea of government officials spying on them.

Always use security apps

There are plenty of security apps on the market right now, and while some are better than others, it’s a good idea to have a look around for one that suits your needs. Malware and viruses are one of the biggest causes of security breaches in smartphones and tablets, and it can happen very quickly. All it takes is a careless click on a link, and you could get infected. There are plenty of free options available, but it might be worth paying for pro versions to give you that extra little bit of security. These security apps are as important as all the fun apps you have in your phone.

Hide from marketers

The Internet is awash with ads, and online marketers are ever more savvy about how they get personal info from you. Whether it’s via cookies or using your entire search history, there are many different ways for them to learn about you and present ads in a more targeted way. You might think there’s nothing wrong with this – after all, if you have expressed an interest, then you might well want those ads. But if you find it creepy, head over to the Digital Advertising Alliance and opt out of all those services you didn’t even realize you were using.

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