12 Ways to Save Money on Bookkeeping Without Losing Quality

How to improve account performance and Save Money on Bookkeeping in a way that does not compromise the quality of service, but at the same time saves money for the company. The article will be useful for entrepreneurs and journalists who can provide a way for customers or their clients to save money.

What Are Accounting Costs?

What Are Accounting Costs

First, calculate the amount that will be deducted from your Company account. The calculation can be done once a month or once a year. The following services are available: employee salaries, deductions, 1C and related management (or other financial management software), software and analysis, archive content: printing, documentation, hardware repair, storage and / or security systems, personnel and training. Exchange rates, damages, fines.

The first idea for pricing usually comes at this point. Especially if you do the math every year. For example, the cost of keeping records may seem insignificant: “Buy the things you get, paper towels, paper, boxes” until you’ve read the year. With all the tools in mind, you can identify problem areas and find solutions. Here are 12 ways to increase your accounting costs that have proven effective in the example of our customers. We hope you have found the right suggestions in this article. For simplicity, we have divided this method into three parts.

Easy: No major changes and / or investments required.
Half: More effort is needed to implement them.
Radical – for those who are willing to raise and change everything at once.

Soft Ways to Save – We Work With What “Eats” Your Time and Money

1. Control of Employees, Certification and Cuts

1. Control of Employees, Certification and Cuts

Psychologically, this is not the most effective way, but the most effective way to cover costs such as “lost profit”, “assistance and punishment”. However, the lack of qualifications and salaries of corporate employees impose excessive costs on the company: penalties and fees in the past are half the problem.

The owner of the company will get very little, but will not see the result. . He does not know that the Accounting Department will not use legal measures to reduce taxes and will not provide bad tax policies.

That’s why we recommend developing a schedule for evaluating employees and clearly defining contractual accounting obligations.

2. Transition to the Cloud

Maintaining 1C or similar accounting software can cost a company: purchasing software, paying for server services, 1C programmers and system administrators, and other similar expenses. By converting 1C to the cloud, you can reduce this cost by up to 70%. If you still think the cloud is “dangerous” or you’re afraid that third parties will be able to access your data, you’re still in control of the old myth. All information is transmitted in encrypted form and you only have access to your data. Also, make sure that professional servers and regular backups do not lose any bytes of information that you usually forget.

3. Savings on Additional Software and Subscriptions

The accountant’s first assignment is to record current information, legislative changes and new possibilities to facilitate transactions. This information is not included in the accounting article itself, so we subscribe to professional journals and reference books and maintain your profits using specialized software and other cost-effective methods. The secret is that you can do all of this for free. We live in the 21st century and each department has its own website and media service whose job it is to provide information to the public. Yes, it does take a while to “set up” this method. Find all resources and subscriptions in your browser or social network, but pay more than once.

4. Savings on Consultants and Programmers

The same goes for paying for 1C consulting services and coordinators, where accounts are often merged. Paying someone who understands this is a great strategy, but not in times of crisis. Instead of working with 1C developers and developing custom extensions, you can purchase or register 1C services that are already available in Market 42.

5. Working Hours of an Accountant

We’ve already talked to Accounting about the effect of a one-time distribution of accounts on the company’s income, if you don’t see this information, read on. We are talking about time management: schedules, meetings, solutions, deleting documents from your colleagues, training employees and 1C issues. Of course, in this post, we discussed how people eat and how to switch accounts to solve political problems.

6. Savings on Taxes and Contributions

Here we return to the first point, which is when managers do not have enough experience or time to assess whether any tax and profit legislation can be lowered. To resolve this issue: Assign an action to your account. Let’s look at another if there is a chance to save the new and if the old is gone. Take your time and research the topic as well. No one cares as much about tax cuts as you do. There is a lot of current news. Consult an external specialist if you do not have the time. This can be an auditor, a private auditor in their own practice or an external agency. Either way, a salary survey can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Average Ways to Save – Offload Yourself or Your Accountant

7. Automation of Some Tasks

If you’ve ever come up with ideas for changing an accountant’s hours and days, you’ve probably already considered using regular database work. 1C plugins and extras help you get the job done at a lower cost. Services allow you to automatically install important documents, which can be time-consuming, help the owner and accountant, and close many other tasks. For example the following.

8. Full Transition to Electronic Document Management

If you’ve ever seen money printed and printed on your to-do list, you’ve probably already thought about electronic document management. Skills and Services 1C allows you to do this: exchange documents with colleagues and banks, submit reports, create price lists, and complete “paperwork” directly from the app.

9. Outsource Partially

If you have a lot of rewards from company employees, you need to figure out how to reduce costs. In this case, the best solution is to keep the business afloat and outsource it. In the same way you reduce the number of salaries and employees / managers, and on the other hand you are still your accountant (or most) in great company content and patience. About his work.

10. Co-pilot Service or Auditor

This system is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with or without an account. If you don’t need an account, you can buy it. This is to keep your story confidential, but it can be manipulated. This means that you will be contacted once a month or every 15 minutes by an outside expert who will assess the value of the account, provide advice and information and help resolve the issue – right up to the meeting. The other will be lost during the day.

11. Reorganization of Accounting and Change of Staff (Remote Employees)

We have already talked about reducing the number of invoices on track 9, but there is another possibility to reduce personnel costs without reducing the number of charges. There are two options: delete one, but put all the data on the remote job. Using the 1C cloud will not be very difficult. But the cost of renting a home and arranging work can be reduced. The second most dangerous option is to change the composition of the accounts. Ideal for people who work in well-paid cities. In this case, you can hire impersonal workers, but remotely, only in low-paid departments.

12. Full Delegation to Outsourcing

The most dangerous way is to transfer your foreign account to a foreign company or private accountant. Naturally, this system excludes fees, with the exception of service charges. Yes, crime has its consequences and many companies do not rely on outside professionals, but the crisis of 2020 forces many to survive or drown. Don’t underestimate this road.

There are so many professionals that you can always find the right specialist. As you can see, there are many ways to save money. Try it, learn the basics and get started. Hopefully all goes well and your company resolves the issue. We are happy to help you with this: advice and good work.


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