What is winrmsrv.exe ? Is it a virus? Are you safe?

Winrmsrv.exe is a background process that users can run on Windows computers immediately after opening Task Manager. Executables are developed by Microsoft Corporation and are usually located in C:\Windows\system32. Nevertheless, many users complained that their firewall was blocking incoming connections for Winrmsrv.exe. Request permission to collect information. Since the developer is marked as Microsoft, the user cannot be sure whether the file is legitimate or not.

In fact, Winrmsrv.exe can be a harmless or Trojan horse acting as cryptocurrency mining malware on the affected device. Users who encounter firewall requests should immediately disconnect. However, if you are experiencing system lags or other issues because Winrmsrv.exe is already running in the background, it is worth taking the time to make sure the file is working properly. Not related to malware.

Is it safe to run Winrmsrv.exe? Is it a virus or malware?

Check the location of this exe file to see if it is legitimate software or a virus. Location and danger warning of this file:

File Location/Rating: 81% Risk

To check if the executable is legitimate, you can run the task manager. Then click in the Columns box and add Verified Signers as one of the columns.

Now look at the signer value verified for the winrmsrv.exe process. If it says “Not Available”, it may be a virus.

How does winrmsrv.exe spread?

The malicious object Winrmsrv.exe is not chosen by the user, and this type of threat often infiltrates the target computer through some free or shareware installer package without visiting or visiting malicious websites. In all of these cases, the user is unaware of the malicious condition before interacting/installing. However, if you run into problems accessing the system, it eventually justifies the problem. As a result, the system reports the problem. If you are such a victim and you are looking for effective measures to solve the problem, we recommend that you read the recommendations or methods described.

How to uninstall or uninstall winrmsrv.exe

To remove winrmsrv.exe from your computer, follow these steps one by one: If it is part of software installed on your computer, winrmsrv.exe will be removed.

  • If the file is part of the software, an uninstaller is also included. Then you can run the uninstaller located in the same directory as C: Programs > Microsoft > Microsoft Windows Operating System > winrmsrv > winrmsrv.exe_uninstall.exe.
  • Or I installed the winrmsrv.exe file with Windows Installer and then uninstalled it. Go to System Preferences and open Software Options.
  • Then, in the search bar, search for winrmsrv.exe or the Microsoft Windows operating system software name, or try using the Microsoft developer name.
  • Then click on it and select Uninstall a Program option to remove winrmsrv.exe from your computer. The Microsoft Windows operating system software is removed from the computer along with the winrmsrv.exe file.


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