Audi A6: an Intelligent Business Luxury Sedan

2016-Audi-A6Technology is making automobiles smarter than ever before and Audi A6 introduces an array of technological features that certainly makes this luxury car more intelligent than any other. To begin with, the car introduces a huge display set nicely into the dashboard. The 20 cms display sits inside the dashboard, but as soon as the driver turns on the engine or presses the audio power button, the dashboard pops out and allows navigation, phone calling and handling radio channels through it. There are knobs with control buttons that also makes the entire control experience better.

The steering wheel is loaded with all the right keys that drivers need for a smoother ride. The rocker key on the left side of the steering wheel activates the navigation map on the display. Users can also control the Bose surround sound system, sunroof and the Matrix LED cluster and manage front seats without taking off the hands of the steering wheel.


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