The Best Apps for Students

Being a student can be a tough life. You have your studies to keep up with and a social life to maintain. Some students have jobs and even children to worry about as they study too. You have to work on your current commitments while looking ahead to post-graduation too. Fortunately, there are some great mobile apps to help you make it through your education. You can download apps to help you study, stay on top of your schedule and record all the material you need. All of these excellent apps are perfect for carrying around on your phone or tablet and using in and out of class.

Planning and Scheduling Apps

Depending on what you study, you could have a pretty heavy workload. Staying on top of everything isn’t always easy, so you need something to help you stay organized. There are some great planner apps to help you make plans and keep notes. You might use something like Google Calendar to keep track of everything you have going on. Many students use an app like Timetable to map out your classes and other commitments. There are other options too, such as My Class Schedule for Android or Class Timetable for iOS. They’re much more convenient than a timetable on a piece of paper.

Revision Apps

Making notes and recording lectures might give you something to revise, but it won’t help you learn it. If you need some tools for revision, you can have a look at some of the best revision apps available. Some apps can focus on a specific topic that will help you memorize standard information. For example, a medical student could use one that helps them with anatomy. You can also get lots of apps that allow you to put in your own information. You can use your revision notes with EverNote Peek or use ExamTime on the web to make charts, maps, and notes.

Lecture Capturing Apps

Many students like to record their lectures so that they can listen to them again later. It can be very useful if you’re not a great note taker or you just want another tool for learning. You do have to be careful that you get permission, however. In many states, it’s not legal to record someone without their consent. You can know use a lecture capturing app instead of using the recorder on your phone or a specialist piece of equipment. You can use SoundNote, which records and lets you take notes. Other apps include Lecture Capture and Notes Plus.

Sleep and Wakeup Apps

Making the most of your sleep is essential when you’re a student. Sleep tracking and wakeup apps can be excellent tools to help you do it. For example, you can use Sleep Cycle to track your sleeping patterns and help you go to bed and wake up at the right time. It will wake you when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep so that you’re not as groggy when you wake up.

Taking advantage of the latest apps can help students stay on top of everything. Find the ones that work for you to make the most of your studies.

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