5 Must Haves For Every Serious Photographer

We live in a world obsessed with photography. While millions are happy to take selfies and snaps of their ‘cheeky Nandos’, many of us take the art quite seriously.

Whether it’s a career or a passionate hobby, there’s no greater sensation than capturing the perfect shot. Photography can have a powerful impact on our emotions, and is one of the best ways to highlight the beauty of life.

If you’re looking to step up your photography game, here are five things you must have.

A Quality Camera

It goes without saying that every photographer needs a decent camera. This is the basic requirement for any photographer of any skill. However, if you’re serious about your art, then it’s imperative you seek the best solution.

Different photographers will desire varying requirements from their cameras. Be sure to research the market and find the best one for you.

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Multiple Lenses

The untrained might think that the camera is your most important asset. It isn’t. The lenses are what will help you capture stunning images time and time again.

Understanding the different types of lenses and how they work is vital. This is also why it’s crucial to ensure your camera is versatile to accommodate the switchovers.

Lenses are often more expensive than the camera body itself. Even if you have to build your collection slowly, it’s always worth the effort.


Everybody knows that the magazine cover models have been photoshopped. But they aren’t the only images that need a little enhancement. No matter how great your untouched photos are, you can always make improvements with a few minor adjustments.

Getting an Apple MacBook is probably advised, along with the Adobe software. Being an expert in this area is essential for the modern day photographer. If you aren’t already skilled, then be sure to sign yourself up for a course.

Believe us, it will take your images to the next level.


Once you’ve acquired the basics, you’ll no doubt want to slowly build up your collection and accessories are a key part of that. Batteries, memory cards and tripods are all items you’ll want from day one, and there are various other to add along the way.

Flashguns, UV filters, and lense cleaners are all items you’ll want at some stage. You should also obtain a grey card at the earliest stage possible too. Some items may be better off renting first before committing to them long term. The key is to find out which ones work for you and your setup.


As a photographer, you want to show your end results to as many people as possible. Projectors are a must have for anyone looking to exhibit their work to large crowds.

The key to buying a projector is that you choose one dedicated for photographers. You don’t want your images to lose quality on the big screen. There was a time when these items were reserved for the wealthy, but they are becoming more and more affordable by the year.

If you are serious about showing off your work to the masses, this is a must.


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