Sony Unveils S Series Memory Cards

Sony has come up with an announcement about some of the best memory cards that they have now under their belt. The company made an announcement that they have developed new XQD specification memory cards which are the fastest memory cards in the market. The company revealed that these cards can read and write at the speed of 16MBs and which is going to be the next level in the memory card market. Sony also said that their S Series memory cards are the perfect memory cards for professional photography and various high performance jobs.  Hence, people who are interested in sports photography and live events shooting can make use of these memory cards.

Sony revealed that their S Series memory cards comply with the XQD specification which is really important to provide superior performance. These new cards are available in 32 and 64 GB capacities and will join the H Series that is already available in the market. These memory cards have already been awarded the Best Imaging Storage Media for the year 2012. Viviano Cantu, Director of Consumer Media for Sony Electronics said that professional photographers need something that can match up with their work speed and these S Series memory cards can shorten their workflow. These memory cards are 30% faster the fastest CF cards available in the market which will allow them to get high performance without compromising the quality level. It also comes with Thunderbolt technology which is good to work with various Mac machines.


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