BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Unveiled Which Promises to Deliver the Full Classic QWERTY Experience

Blackberry is a global leader which has customers all over the world. Today, on 25th Feb 2014, Blackberry has announced to unveil a new flagship smartphone which will deliver distinctive QWERTY experience on Blackberry 10.

Some of the features of the Blackberry include the following:

  • The new Blackberry Q20 smartphone will have Menu, Back, Send and End buttons and will have an integrated trackpad which will ensure a fast efficient navigation and one handed use of the phone for its QWERTY customers.
  • Blackberry already has the best email service and this phone will have Blackberry Hub, which allows all your messages to be accessed at one place and enterprise connectivity with BES10.
  • The QWERTY keyboard design having the sculpted keys and frets will provide of the best experiences of using Blackberry.
  • The smartphone is designed from exclusive materials which will ensure the durability and reliability of the phone.
  • Further the battery used in this phone is large to have a long battery life.

Blackberry smartphone

Blackberry is already known to be one of the best smartphone available today but now with these latest features and enhancements, Blackberry 10 will be the most reliable and productive tool for communication. It is said that this phone will be available for public in the second half of 2014.


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