The Car Deals You Can’t Say No To

Want to buy a Car:

When it comes to cars, almost every owner is aware of the expense of them. It’s not just the initial purchase that you have to make; it’s the upkeep, the tax, the insurance and everything else that goes with it. Modifying your car can be an expensive hobby in itself, so how do we keep all of the costs down to a minimum? And what happens when an expense comes out of nowhere (or so we think)?

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Get A Service Plan:

Instead of paying out a lump sum at one time every year, see if you can get a service plan. A lot of garages and dealerships offer this to keep their customers on board and happy with their payment options. Not only this, but it will keep you on track in terms of the car’s health; if you have to pay for a service all in one go, you may have to take out a personal loan or decide that you can’t afford it; you’re more likely to shy away from it and not get it done at all. That’s not good for the car and certainly not good for your pocket in the long run; detecting problems, both current and minor ones that could develop into something bigger, is part of what the service is all about. Leave them undetected for too long and you’ll be facing a much larger bill.

Look Around:

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If you’re paying through the nose for your car insurance, chances are that you haven’t looked around for a deal that is good for you. If you have kept with the same provider since you can remember, this isn’t necessarily meaning that you are financially more sound with your decision; a lot of insurance providers actually higher their bills as the years go on, but keep it rolling from your bank account for convenience so that you don’t check it. Look for a car insurance comparison site to see what you could be paying. Compared with what you are parting with now to keep you covered, it could be saving you a small fortune.

Go To A Dealership:

Although it may not seem it, going to the dealership that your car originally came from, or an authenticated dealership garage for your car model, could actually be a cheaper deal for you. Not only are these places clued up on exactly what to do to get your car back to rights should it be failing in any department, but they also want to keep your custom; they’re fully aware of just how easy it is to find a ‘cheaper’ alternative, but don’t want that to happen. Not just because of the price that they are losing out on, but because they would rather not have an experienced mechanic work on a car that they know everything about. Not only that, but they are usually able to source you genuine parts at a cheaper rate than anywhere else – partly because they’re a part of the company themselves so can get them at cost price.


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