Get Ready for Classic PlayStation and Saturn Games on Your iPhone

Support for third-party iOS apps has led to the arrival of video game emulators on the App Store to bridge the gap. Initially, these emulators catered to classic titles from platforms like the Commodore 64 or Game Boy. However, this could change soon. We can now witness the emergence of emulators capable of running games from systems like the Sony PlayStation or Sega Saturn. The app in question is called Provenance EMU. Joseph Mattiello, leading the project, informed the news site iMore via email that their team is actively working on launching their software on the App Store.”

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If you’re not familiar with Provenance, it can run titles from a variety of consoles, including popular ones like the Super Nintendo and more obscure machines. It’s unclear when the emulator will officially launch. Mattiello mentioned that they need to first improve the quality of their lives and want to investigate the new rules. The report didn’t explain what specifically they are referring to, but Mattiello can talk about recent changes in Apple’s review guidelines. In early April, a clause was added stating that “Developers are responsible for all software within their apps.” Additionally, emulators need to “implement all applicable laws.

Gaming publishers like Nintendo closely scrutinize third-party developers’ sources. For example, Nintendo often employs its lawyers to pursue developers whom they believe have infringed on their rights. Just look at what happened to Yuzu.

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