How to Grab SWF Cartoons From Websites

Over the years there have been quite a number of popular SWF cartoons (also known as Flash cartoons), including Happy Tree Friends, Foamy the Squirrel, Stick Death, and many others. If you enjoy these cartoons then you may very well want to save them so that you can watch them offline – but that presents a bit of a problem.


Because SWF cartoons are loaded using the Shockwave Flash player, you don’t get the option to save them. However there is one way around that, and the only thing you need is Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Rather than ‘saving’ the SWF cartoon directly or ‘downloading’ it, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you record the cartoon instead while it is playing on your screen. After it is recorded, you can save it onto your hard drive as a video and all that takes is a few steps:

1.    Set the capture frame to encompass the SWF cartoon on your screen.

2.    Check that the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’.

3.    Click ‘REC’ to start recording as the cartoon starts to play.

4.    Click ‘Stop’ when it is done.

5.    Save the video by clicking ‘Save’ and selecting a video format, or using one of the presets available to automatically optimize your video for a device or platform.

All said and done it really isn’t that difficult, and you can easily save the original SWF to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV or any other format. Once you’re satisfied, you can then use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to edit it, and remove any unwanted segments, merge separate videos together, fix common issues, enhance the video quality, and much more.

Frankly speaking, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has tons of editing features that will let you add audio tracks, apply special effects and filters, insert customizable text, and improve your videos in other ways too. How you choose to use those features will be up to you – but they should give you options, such as saving shorter clips if you are only interested in part of the SWF cartoon that you capture.


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