LG Introduces Z350 and Z450 Laptops

Thinner laptops which are easy to carry and operate are soon gaining more attention from many consumers around the world. LG has always come up with something interesting for their Asian customers and this time LG has introduced their new 13.3 inch X Note Z350 laptop that has the power to perform without taking too much of space and adding too much of weight to your office bag. The laptop almost looks like an Ultrabook that has a silver feel to it with black keys that adds to the overall design of the laptop. Inside the laptop, LG has incorporated the third generation of Intel i5 or i7 that takes all the credit for super fast performance.


On the other hand, LG has also introduced the new 14 inch Z450 that also has the same Intel processor but LG has decided that they would not reveal too much of information at the moment. LG has not provided any information on the GPU that is running inside the hood and there is no information available on the price and the battery performance as well. However, it seems that LG is still working on further improvements that can help them to dominate the thin laptop market in the future.


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