LG Unveils Autostereoscopic 3D Notebook in the Market

Consumers today are going crazy for the 3D technology and therefore you will find many companies that have launched 3D TVs and smartphones. LG is definitely leading the 3D race and now the company has announced the launch of the much anticipated A540 T/D notebooks that allows consumers to enjoy their laptop experience in 3D technology. Although, many consumers feel that 3D laptops are not very much in demand many believe that 3D technology in laptops will definitely create lot of buzz in the market and LG is going to make it work with better features that will be added in the device.

There are many consumers that need 3D technology in every device that they use and LG is now providing them with the best 3D technology that they can find in laptops. This will be the first autostereoscopic 3D notebook that will ensure that you are getting the best experience and for that LG has installed a built-in webcam that will make sure that your eyes see the best 3D pictures in any light. LG has also incorporated technology that allows you to convert all your 3D content and pictures into 2D at a touch of a button. The notebook also has SRS Premium Sound 5.1 technology to ensure that consumers get better sound experience. Many top technology experts feel that this will become an ideal notebook for those who love to play their video games on their notebooks. LG has also incorporated IPS panel on some of the versions that provides ultra-clear clarity.


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