How to Make Your Computer Safe for the Whole Family

Making your computers safe for the whole family isn’t an easy task. But it’s one that you should definitely take seriously. Here’s how to do it.

Secure the Network

If your home internet network isn’t properly secured, it will be possible for people to use your bandwidth without paying for it. This is not something you should put up with. You pay for the network, so it should be your family that uses it. There are even bigger threats of having an unsecured network too though.

Hackers and cyber criminals could compromise your internet security by using your network to install malicious software onto your computer. To avoid this, you need to restrict access to your network and use a strong password for your router. You should also enable wireless encryption.

Educate Your Children Before Allowing Online Gaming

A lot of children spent a lot of time on games consoles, and these consoles offer the chance to play games online. This is great for them because it allows them to connect with friends, but it also brings its share of problems. For example, they will be connected not just to their friends, but strangers too.

Some of these people might become friends that they’ll never meet. The risk of this is that they could be trying to groom them. So, when they’re old enough, it might be a good idea to talk to them about the risks of online grooming. They can also be harassed and bullied when gaming online.

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Install Parental Control Software

Your children will probably use the internet at home even more than you do. That means it’s important that you should talk to them and make sure they understand how to stay safe on the internet. It can be very easy to get manipulated by strangers or experience cyber bullying on the internet.

You need to be aware of these problems so that you can make sure that your child doesn’t experience them. A parental control system will keep them away from some of these dangers. It’ll block content that is meant only to be viewed by adults. This is something that’s vitally important.

Know About the Security Threats

There are lots of security threats on the internet, and the only way to avoid them is to know them. You have to start by installing an antivirus system that will keep you protected from all the major threats. But you still need to be careful about the other risks your computer might face on the internet too.

There are specific scams that you should be aware of. Phishing scams are one of the biggest risks out there. These are emails or websites that aim to fool you into entering your bank details by pretending to be known websites. Some present themselves as emails from Paypal. So, it’s important to be able to recognise these scams.

Internet security should be one of your family’s top priorities nowadays. We spend a large chunk of our time on the internet, so it’s not something you can afford to neglect.


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