How And Why Manufacturing Processes Are Changing For Businesses And Customers Alike

Manufacturing is changing. It’s changing more rapidly than it ever has in its several centuries long history. For both consumers and the industry alike, things are changing. Is it the march of technology, or is this an indication of the next big manufacturing boom? To understand what’s happening, you need to know how things are evolving in this sector. Read on for a short guide on how manufacturing is progressing.


Automation in the manufacturing industry has been a very hot topic for some time now. It’s both a concern and a benefit for workers in manufacturing plants. The fact is, it takes workers out of some of the trickier and more dangerous jobs. That means that health and safety standards have improved dramatically. The downside to that is that it may come at the cost of jobs. Some human interaction needs to be implemented to work the automation process. It seems though that it could start diminishing the numbers of skilled laborers needed. Unions aren’t very happy about this. Businesses are very much enjoying the benefit, though.


3D Printing Technology

3D printing is something out of science fiction. The ability to print a 3D object is something we would never have thought possible fifteen years ago. While the technology has been in the works for some time, the fact that it now exists in a stable format is incredible. This could change manufacturing forever when adopted in force by the industry. You wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time creating and cutting parts down to precise dimensions. You would have a digital blueprint that you could then just have printed in a complete form. 3D printers aren’t only just for businesses either. They’re becoming increasingly available to consumer markets too. You can read more about these at In another five to ten years they will be in many consumer’s homes with multiple applications of the technology.

New Cutting Methods

Cutting tools are essential to the manufacturing process. They are a very integral part of making an object. Car parts for instance. They require heated cutting tools to shape the metal to the exact dimensions required. The tools have seen some significant upgrades over the last few years. Hydro and plasma cutting tools are now available to manufacturers. This makes the process even easier. Cutting metals and metal compounds is very tough. It required very precise movement with very rudimentary cutting tools. These new cutters can tear through these metals like they were butter. It’s making the process easier, and much quicker as well.

The Future

It’s hard to see exactly what is on the horizon when it comes to manufacturing technology. It seems like a lot of the new technology we see today has just come out of nowhere. It’ll likely be the same when the next big thing emerges, and we see manufacturers slowly start to adopt it. From the technological perspective, it will be interesting to see what comes up.

We’re likely to see manufacturing go through a boom period again. Where work is easier, cheaper, and safer.


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