The importance of office design for a tech business

Office design might not be high on the list of priorities for every business owner, but the tech industry has traditionally bucked this trend and actually led the way in defining the workplace of the future. Smart business owners have realized the potential benefits of good office design and made sure that this has been a key part of their overall business strategy.

Why is good office design important?

•    Attracting. Google, Apple and Amazon are all currently considered to be among the most exciting places to work within the tech industry and are employers of choice for that very reason. Their impressive workplaces form a key part of their employee offer and for this reason they attract, and retain, some of the strongest candidates in the industry.

•    Inspiring. A good workplace is about more than just aesthetics. It provides an environment that inspires innovation and provides unique opportunities for collaboration among colleagues. All of which are critical for a successful tech company.

•    Impressing. To stay relevant and competitive, a tech company needs to impress its stakeholders and this can only be properly achieved if it has an office that matches and reflects its ambitions.

Design Ideas

For all these reasons and more, tech company offices tend to differ from traditional offices. These are a few design considerations that can help to make a tech company stand out from the crowd, and the impacts they can have on a working environment.

•    Openness. Encourage collaboration by making the most of open plan spaces. Remove walls and confined meeting spaces wherever possible so people are able to spontaneously share ideas or ask for assistance.

•    Outdoor Space. Inspire creativity and avoid feelings of confinement by making the most of fresh air and natural light.

•    Have Fun. Think about decoration as more than just the finishing touch. Colors and patterns help to set the tone for the sort of organization and working environment you are hoping to achieve. They can also be used to define the purpose of different areas, further removing the need for walls and barriers.

Making it Happen

Creating an office like this does not happen overnight. It requires serious thought and investment and, to be done properly, the support and advice of professional experts. Reliable outside contractors who specialize in this area can help make sure that the finish you really want is achieved. Managing contractors can seem daunting but enlisting the help of an umbrella company such as, who will take care of a range of employment services, can make sure things run smoothly.

A Crucial Investment

There is a temptation to view good office design as an unnecessary expense and something that can perhaps be glossed over and dealt with quickly and cheaply. The false perception is that you have to invest time and money into designing and installing something that, at first glances, appears straightforward and does not immediately present an obvious return. In reality however, the return is hugely significant and if the work is carried out properly, the investment will continue to yield benefits long into the future.

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