Orange Launches U24 Offer for Youth Market

Consumers all over the world today are particular about how they use their money and how much they manage to save at the end of the day. Now, Orange has come up with a new offer that is targeted towards youth. The all new U24 also known as Under 24 offer is a new offer that offers young people to make extra calls, text messages and access mobile data on their current plan without charging them anything extra. Orange said that this offer is perfect for those who stay connected to various social networking sites and for students that have a very tight budget to make their calls and text messages.

The U24 offer provides Orange customers to have additional 1GB of free mobile internet plus unlimited UK calls and text messages to any user using Orange or T-Mobile network. The offer is available throughout UK for anybody who is under 24 years of age. Orange has also come up with an app that allows U24 customers to look for friends and family that have Orange or T-Mobile network so that they can call up their loved one.

The U24 offer is available all Orange customers that top up by 15 GBP or more a month and who are below 24 years of age. The U24 app will be available from Apple, Android and Blackberry app stores which customers can download and use once they have activated the U24 offer on their mobile phones. Orange customers can also call up and text T-Mobile users and make use of the biggest 3G network in the country.


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