The Pros & Cons of Buying a Curved TV

Have you purchased a new television in recent years? If you have not then you are in for a huge shock because televisions have changed a great deal over the years. You have to ask yourself about more than just the size of the TV screen that you want; you have to ask yourself what kind of TV you want as well.  In today’s market, there are numerous options when it comes to televisions. Do you want a Smart TV? Should it be LCD? What screen size is best? One of the much discussed televisions on the market presently is the curved TVs.  Like all new pieces of technology, there are pros and there are cons. Here are a few of the pros and cons related to the curved TV.

The Pros of Purchasing a Curved TV

Picture Quality:

One of the best aspects to a curved TV is the ability to feel immersed in whatever you are watching. You feel a part of the scenery, not as if you are simply observing. It is important to remember that total immersion feeling occurs when sitting in the proper location.

Wider Field of View and Depth:

When viewing a flat screen you get a two-dimensional view, unless of course you have a 3D TV. With the curved TV, you get the 3D feeling while watching a 2D surface. Additionally, when watching a curved TV your peripheral vision absorbs the shows activity, not other things. This also helps broaden the field of view, making for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Improved Contrast:

Since you are not dealing with a flat surface, light is directed where it is needed for ideal viewing. This is different from the scattered light on flat screen TVs. This improves contrast in the viewing of all shows and movies.

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The Cons of Purchasing a Curved TV

Here are just a handful of cons when going with a curved TV. Some may be minor things you can live with others may prove deal breakers.

Picture Distortion:

One issue that can arise depending upon where you are sitting is the distortion of the image. If you are not sitting in exactly the right place, your viewing experience can leave a lot to be desired. You do not want to be looking at the Direct TV Sunday Ticket and have to worry about the clarity of the picture.

Size & Wall Mounting:

When it comes time to place your TV if you mount it on the wall it looks rather odd. It may be something you can live with, but many people cannot deal with the strange way it hangs. It is also important to realize when buying a curved TV to get the best experience you may end up buying a very large TV to get the full benefit of having the curve to begin with. To get all the benefits you need to go with a 65-inch TV or larger.


This is a deal breaker for some; the price of a curved TV is a lot more than most flat screen TVs on the market. This is a deal breaker for many people, especially those who feel that curved screens are just another gimmick!

Before you invest your hard-earned money into a curved TV, make sure you look at all of the pros and cons. If you just go out and purchase one because it is the latest trend you may find yourself regretting the purchase. On the other hand, if you are the only person that ever watches TV in your house than you may find it to be an excellent investment. The statement, that “knowledge is power,” is very true in this case. If you are considering a curved TV for your household, do your homework to get the best television for your home.


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