How To Protect Your Business From A Technological Perspective

Entrepreneurs create systems to protect their businesses from all kinds of dangers. These can vary from client poaching from former employees or data breaches from hackers. Protection from a technological perspective is incredibly important. Data breaches can ruin relationships with clients, employees, and ruin morale. Massive corporations like Target and Home Depot have had huge data breaches that led to huge settlements for those impacted. Shutterfly has even had its services limited due to a ransomware attack. Hackers are always going to find new ways to get into systems that are poorly secured so be aware.

A proactive approach is important to take as a reactive approach could have you repairing a damaged company. No entrepreneur wants to handle a massive amount of damage control when it could have been prevented. The following are tips that will help you protect your business from a technological perspective.

Keep Passwords On A Need-To-Know Basis

Passwords should be on a need-to-know basis only. The IT department should keep track of all individuals that have certain passwords. In the case of employee termination, the passwords should be changed immediately. A person that might be level-headed could become vindictive if they do not feel the termination was justified. Most of the time, people cool down after a few days but massive damage can be done. Clients can be lost if you don’t change the passwords as all it takes in some cases is a rude email.

Employees that are still on the staff can sabotage coworkers or steal information with the right passwords. Background checks sometimes only reveal what people have been caught doing rather than what they have done. At times, employees within your organization can do the most damage.

Company Devices Should Not Be Used For Personal Reasons

The truth is that a company should invest in their own devices rather than allowing employees to bring their own. Employees are going to be more careful with a company device than one they had for years. Personal devices could also have breaches even before they access the company’s systems. The last thing you want is a ransomware attack that threatens to erase all work stored or communications between clients. What is ransomware and how do you protect devices? Ransomware uses malware for a ransom or else files on a device will be locked/deleted. Safe browsing practices can reduce the chances of ransomware infiltrating your organization.

Training employees on safe internet browsing tips is very important. What seems like common sense to one employee might be completely foreign to another. Simple things like not downloading attachments from unknown senders can reduce any breaches. Another tip is inputting sensitive information into a site that might be compromised. Do not use company passwords for any business accounts that are used or signed up for. A data breach of that organization or platform can reveal a frequently used password within a company.

Platforms Should Have A Client View

Companies that allow a client to track the progress on their platform need to have a client view. The last thing anyone wants is a client that might be sourcing work to a business to see all of their clients. A contractor view is very important as work outsourced needs to be managed carefully. A company does not want a contractor or company to steal clients. People frequently try to do this and take clients by offering a lower price for comparable work. Contracts that have legal repercussions are important. These are not always followed or enforced if sourcing work internationally.

Security Cameras Can Come In So Many Forms

The unfortunate truth is that some hacks come after a computer is stolen. Keeping tracking software on company devices can help recover them before any data is compromised. Locking a laptop virtually can be immensely important if it has been misplaced or stolen. Security cameras can look like a harmless air freshener or phone charger. Getting this footage to a device is easier than ever as you can invest in a stream. Other security options can include motion sensors that alert those when there is movement at certain hours.

Protecting your business by any means necessary is a priority for most business owners. The world has gone digital with some companies being completely remote. While traditional security is still important, cybersecurity is growing more important by the day. The positive aspect about this is that with the right steps, most problems will be eliminated. With the world of remote work upon us, there is no room to leave the company open to any attack on its platform or devices.


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