5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Be Targeting Mobile

The mobile web market is still very much in its infancy, but make no mistake about it: it’s here to stay. Businesses all over the world are finding ways of taking advantage of the sheer number of smartphones, and mobile devices there are. And, in doing so, they are future proofing their business. But it’s not just something that global companies should be doing. Small businesses should be investigating mobile, too. Here are some core reasons why.

It’s what people are using

While it isn’t time to say goodbye to the desktop just yet, the way people use the Internet is using. These days, over half of all searches are made on a mobile device, while PCs are used typically for doing more complex tasks. In short, mobile is becoming the norm, and any company failing to embrace the changes is likely to lose out. Possibly sooner, rather than later.

Payments are increasing

Most people still buy online from their home PC or laptop – and there is still a trust issue with paying via mobile for many. However, things are changing, and businesses will lose out if they don’t look at ways to take payments by mobile. It’s not just retail businesses that will benefit, either. Companies such as Payline Data offer services that could signify the way mobile payments will be taken – with a mobile reader and a simple app. That makes mobile payments the perfect tool from everyone from salespeople to tradespeople.

Mobile-IndustryImage Via:https://flic.kr/p/sBQZQR

Practices are changing

Let’s take the taxi company Uber as an example of the way that business practices are changing thanks to mobile. In times gone by, you would ring up a taxi firm, wait for them to pick up, arrange your time and wait. These days, you just open up Uber and state what you need on your phone. It’s that simple and overcomes many of the hurdles that the traditional phone line could never overcome. So, mobile is improving practices across the board. Could it do the same for your business?

GPS is improving

When you think of GPS you probably think of getting from A to B. But what if, during your trip, you felt like a quick coffee somewhere between A and B? Imagine there was a coffee shop nearby with some sort of geolocation app and alert. You could order and pay for your coffee right there and then, and it could be ready by the time you get there. This is just a small example of the way GPS is helping business all over the world – and there’s every chance you could take advantage, too.

Better customer service

Mobile tech is enabling businesses to get closer to their customers than ever before. Think about the way people use apps, and leave reviews on their app store of choice. It’s almost instant appraisal that you can use to fine tune your product. It can also help you track things like delivery speeds, and gives you an opportunity to ask questions about your service. There’s a lot that can be done – so the question is: is your business doing enough with mobile?


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