Sony Surprises Consumers with New 2014 BRAVIA LED HDTVs at 2014 CES

CES 2014 has already opened up lot of options for technology companies that have introduced their new ideas and innovations in the market. Sony has always been known as the world leader in high definition televisions and now Sony Electronics has introduced a new lineup of 2014 BRAVIA Full HDTVs. Sony believes that consumers today are really demanding and therefore they want better technologies that can make their life simpler. To keep up with the ever-rising demand Sony has introduced W950B, W850B, W800B and W600B series that will complement Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD TV model.

Sony W950B Series LED HDTV offers Full HD with X-tended Dynamic Range driven by EDGE LED. It also offers X-Reality PRO picture engine for better color and clarity. Sony has come up with the new TRILUMINOS display for better display performance and MotionFlow XR for lifelike motion experience. It gets the new iconic Wedge design that accommodate large speakers. Sony also incorporates ClearAudio and Digital Sound Processing with S-Force Front Surround projects.


Sony W850B Series LED HDTV also offer Full HD picture quality with X-Reality Pro picture engine for better color and clarity and MotionFlow XR, but lacks TRILUMINOS Display technology that W950B offers. It also offers most of the features like Built-in Wi-Fi, 3D capable with 2 pair of glasses.


Sony W800B Series LED HDTV offers Full HD picture experience but it does not get the new iconic Wedge design, instead it offers a new thin design that incorporates most of the features that are available in W850B. It offers X-Reality Pro, MotionFlow XR, ClearAudio and Digital Sound Processing with S-Force Front Surround, Built-in Wi-Fi and many other options.


Sony W600B Series LED HDTV provides Full HD picture experience combined with most of the features incorporated in W800B, but it is available in smaller sizes making it the most affordable of all.



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