Sony Unveils MirrorLink Device for Better In-Car Experience

Sony has always come up with interesting gadgets that have made life simpler and better. Sony has now made an announcement of the new MirrorLink that allows users to enjoy their music and take calls even when they are driving. There are many users that feel that this device from Sony is going to change the way people handle their calls and music while they are in the cars.

Once you are in your car you can connect your MirrorLink certified smartphone to the device which Sony has named as XAV-601BT and you are ready to take any calls without moving your eyes off the road. The MirrorLink device allows users to take and make calls and at the same time you can make use of all the media content and apps that are available in your smartphone. The all new MirrorLink also allows you to make use of your smartphone while your smartphone is connected to the USB for charging.

However, Sony claims that this device is not only made keeping in mind the requirements of a driver. Passengers in the car can also make good use of the device as the device can stream all the videos and apps that are available on your smartphones. You can also make use of your iPod Touch through the head unit that is provided along with the device.

The device has dual USB ports that you can connect to device. This means that you can connect one to your smartphone and make calls and at the same time connect the other to your iPod Touch and decide what songs you would like to hear while you are in the vehicle. The device sports 6.1 inch WVGA touch screen on the front with DVD video playback technology for better sound experience in the vehicle.


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