The Stumbling Blocks Of Podcasting And Easy Ways To Avoid Them

Podcasting is still right in the middle of its recent surge of popularity. People are not only discovering that interesting figures are talking about stuff they love. They’re also finding that there are still plenty of things that people aren’t talking about. There are still gaps to fit. If you have the personality and dedication to do it, it can be a great hobby and a fulfilling business. So here’s how you build the path to a successful podcast.


Have passion

Yes, there are already a lot of podcasts on all kinds of topics. But there are niches to explore, within your passion, that haven’t yet been filled. Sites like can help you find that niche you haven’t yet thought of. But don’t try to turn your hand to something you’re not intensely passionate about. Podcasts are a way of talking about what you care about. If the topic doesn’t summon up that natural enthusiasm, or if you lack the real knowledge for it, it will be obvious to your viewers.

How you deliver it

Think about the different ways you can deliver the podcast, as well. Different formats will fit different people. The iTunes store, for example, has some tight rules of classification that can get in your way. However, it has one of the largest audience shares. WordPress gives you plenty of space to add content outside your podcast. But you have to put more effort into marketing it.

Production matters

The very first thing you need to get your hands on is a quality microphone. The more you’re willing to invest, the more it will pay off in terms of sound quality. It’s not just your voice that matters, either. As an audio format, podcasts can greatly benefit from music. Take a look at online music libraries like There’s a lot of music you can easily get your hands on, if you’re willing to spend just a little.

Prepare for the workload

It is easily the biggest reason for failed podcasts. The workload involved, even in a small affair, is significant. So you need to create a schedule to deal with that workflow. Make sure you know everything involved before you start an episode. Recording the mp3. Editing it and adding other audio. Exporting, tagging and uploading. Marketing. Then considering and researching the topic for the next episode. It takes a lot of work. Don’t go in unprepared.

Getting something back

You don’t want to be doing all that work for nothing, either. One of the ways to make the work of a podcast a lot more worth it is by monetizing it. The best way of monetizing it is by attracting sponsors. You can monetise it in other ways, too. Producing premium content for subscribers, for example. Or selling services through your site on in your show. You can even offer coaching lessons on podcasting when you become an expert at it.

Remember that passion matters above all else. If you’re not getting the kick out of your topic you need, it will show. After that, the rest is a matter of perseverance.


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