The Best Insurance for Freelancers and Self-employed Workers

When, How, Where You Want Many people think of their lives as freelancers and liberators. Of course, self-sufficiency offers many such advantages. You do not have to go to the office frequently, you have flexible leisure activities, and you are free to decide your vacation and income.

Therefore, at first glance, the vertical position is less attractive than usual. In fact, like the tip of the iceberg, profits are often external. However, you will have to handle the paperwork and run your own insurance and social security. This article explains the history of self-employment and the insurance you should get.

What Exactly Is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed who works on behalf of a company. Normally they do not sign an employment contract, but carry out their business in their own name, independently, at economic risk and according to orders.

Freelancers or self-employed workers automatically own their own private business, but they can also hire employees. The big difference to employees is that individuals have to pay social security contributions such as health insurance and old age insurance.

Freelance Is a Fashion Model

Changes in the labor market, economic sharing, the gig economy (flexible relationships, limited employment), and a shortage of skilled workers are all contributing to the growth of the labor market. Swiss. Businesses are happy to take advantage of the flexibility of freelancers for large projects or complexities they can’t handle.

Some areas that require special knowledge, such as communications, translation, IT, graphic design, are also often available to owners. Today, you can provide any kind of service anytime, anywhere, directly or through social media.

Generations Y and Z need more freedom in the workplace, be it flexible work schedules, trust-based work or part-time work. According to a survey launched by the Deloitte Research and Development Office in January 2016, 1 in 4 Swiss who work or apply independently have joined the system and this is expected to grow further in the future.

How Do Freelancers Get Insurance? What Is Useful Insurance?

The insurance recommended depends on your industry, abilities and equipment, and the machine, vehicle, or property you are thinking of. To own a company vehicle, you must have car insurance.

Another aspect to consider is the difference between personal risk and business risk. In addition to compulsory basic health insurance, the self-employed can choose to insure themselves against the risk of loss of income in case of illness or accident. same job. . Win as usual. Daily health insurance is payable if you are sick.

Even freelancers have full rights to retire. If freelancers who are not members of the pension fund lose their income due to illness or an accident, they are at risk of massive pension shortages.

The coverage of Pillar 1, AVS/AI isn’t really good enough. Self-employed and entrepreneurs are encouraged to purchase disability insurance to invest their savings or, at worst, to avoid the risk of going into debt with an emergency contract. With this essential insurance, the self-employed can maintain a standard of living even if their income is reduced due to injuries.

Depending on your professional activity, liability insurance for, for example, consulting, craft or IT professions may also be reasonable. Professional civil liability covers damages (property and personal injury) caused to third parties in connection with professional activities. Working with customers and corporate clients, independent employees are directly liable for any damage caused.

Optional company-related insurance is, for example, legal protection or theft insurance. If you are a freelancer who primarily uses your laptop for work or often works outside, it can be helpful to protect your laptop against sudden damage, theft or loss, such as when you forget your laptop on a train.

People who perform serious Internet business procedures, such as freelance IT professionals, can suffer significant damage from hacking attacks. Cybersecurity is useful for professionals who store sensitive customer data on their computers.

Special Insurance Coverage

So it’s clear that there are plenty of insurance and retirement opportunities for freelancers and self-employed people. If you have any questions about the insurance you need for your personal or professional situation, we will be happy to advise you. We analyze the risks in your sector or business area to protect you from financial hardship. Do not give any autonomy to any accidents and seek immediate advice.



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